Expats with Addiction Problems in China

There is a significantly large expat community living in China. Some of these people can develop substance abuse problems during their stay. There are a number of reasons for why expats can be particularly susceptible to substance abuse problems including:

  • There can be a big drinking culture among expats living in China. It is common for social events to revolve around alcohol. This means there can be a great deal of pressure on people to over indulge regularly.
  • When people go to live abroad, they will be away from the normal constraints such as family and social expectations. Even long-term expats can feel willing to do things when living in a foreign country that they would never consider while living at home.
  • People can get lonely while they are living abroad, and they may turn to alcohol or drugs for a bit of comfort.
  • There will be people who were able to hide their addiction problems while living in their home country, but they find this harder to do when they are abroad.

If expats continue with their substance abuse, they can end up in real trouble. It is therefore vital that they get help as soon as possible. The options for this will be to look for addiction recovery help in China, or to return to their home country. Staying in China will not really be a viable option for many expats, so they will want to consider their options further afield. If people are unsure about their options in this regard, they should contact us here on the website using our helpline. Here are just a few of the things that expats should consider when looking for addiction help:

  • It will often be easier for the expat to leave China in order to get the addiction help they need. The individual will have the option of going back to their home country or choosing other countries in the region that have good rehab options. One option for high quality addiction rehabs at affordable prices would be Hong Kong.
  • It is important that the individual does not delay getting the addiction help that they need. This is because the motivation to quit can disappear if it is not acted upon, and there is no guarantee that this motivation will ever return. This could mean, then, that by failing to act on their willingness to quit right away, the person will have lost their only chance at recovery. The longer the person remains trapped in addiction the more they will lose, and they will eventually cross the line of no return.
  • If the individual decides to leave China in search of addiction recovery options, they will need to think carefully about their aftercare options. This is because entering a treatment program is just the first of many steps towards a new and better life. It is vital that the person has some type of aftercare planned so they can continue to build upon the good work of rehab. The transition from rehab back to normal living can be a bumpy ride if the individual does not have adequate support and a program of aftercare. If the individual intends to return to China in early recovery, they will need to make sure that there will be some support available for them – this could be something like a network of sober friends.

Chinese Nationals Looking for Addiction Rehab Options Abroad

As well as expats in China looking for addiction recovery options abroad, there will also be Chinese nationals considering this option. There are a number of reasons for why this can be such an attractive option, including:

  • There are rehab options available outside of China that offers programs unlike anything available locally. Those individuals who are attracted to a particular approach to recovery may be willing to travel abroad to get the help they need.
  • There are a growing number of successful Chinese people who have developed addiction problems. They may be worried that if their difficulty in regards to substance abuse becomes common knowledge it could be harmful to their career. By travelling abroad for the addiction help they need, they individual does not need to worry so much about any stigma associated with attending a local facility. The individual can go abroad and have their problems dealt with anonymously. They will not need to tell work colleagues, friends, or even family the real reason for this trip.
  • The person may find that by leaving China for the help they need they will be able to break away from familiar temptations and stresses. It is easier to see things from a different perspective when staying abroad.

Things to Consider if Choosing a Rehab in China

Some people may decide that they wish to choose one of the addiction rehabilitation options already available in China. Here are a few things worth considering in this regard:

  • Some of the Chinese drug rehabilitation programs have been described as harsh. Many of these facilities offer nowhere near the same comfort levels as found in western countries. The attitude to addiction problems differs in China, and this is reflected in the common approaches to it.
  • Expats may be wise to be cautious when looking for addiction help in China – this is particularly true when it comes to illegal drugs. The individual will need to make sure that by divulging the information about their drug use that they will not be setting themselves up for work or legal problems.
  • If the individual is going to avail of the services aimed at Chinese nationals, they will probably need a very high level of fluency in the local language. This is because clear communication can be necessary with this type of treatment.
  • Many great online resources may be of value to expats looking for addiction help. There are now many online recovery communities, and it is possible to use these for advice and support at any time of the day or night. It is even possible to go to fellowship meetings online.

The difficulties associated with finding an appropriate rehab facility means that it will be usually advisable for the person to look elsewhere for help. There are some great rehab facilities elsewhere in the world. Places where the person will be able to gain the support, skill, and knowledge they are going to need to start a new sober way of living.

How We Can Help You Find a Rehab

If you are an ex-pat living in China, your best option will usually be to go abroad for rehab. We will be able to help you do this. A good choice for this would be Thailand where they have some superb addiction treatment centres that offer programs that are equal to best you would find anywhere else. One of the great things about Thailand is that you will be able to find a luxury facility for a fraction of the cost that you would pay in somewhere like the UK. This is also a beautiful place to recuperate during your early days of sobriety. We can also find appropriate rehab facilities for you in places such as South Africa, United States, Canada, Portugal, UK, or Spain. Contact us today and we will be able to advise you on your best possible options.