At Addiction Helper, we know cost is an important consideration when choosing a detox programme for drugs or alcohol. So much so, that there are plenty of addicts who do not receive the help they need because they do not have the money. We want you to know that there is a very affordable option in home detox.

Home detox is designed for recovering addicts who qualify for outpatient services but, for some reason, are unable to visit a clinic. It is a very affordable option that can cost substantially less than either outpatient or inpatient detox at a private facility. However, it is not free.

Exactly how much home detox costs is not something we can say here. Every detox is an individual scenario with its own cost. Nevertheless, we can say it is substantially less than residential detox because clients are not paying for residential services.

What Affects the Price

Home detox is a scenario in which a registered nurse visits the home of the patient in order to facilitate detox. Nursing care is provided around the clock throughout the duration of the programme. Some of the things that can affect the final costs include:

  • Duration – The average time for a home detox programme is approximately seven days. However, there may be circumstances that require it to be extended beyond that time. If so, the additional time will obviously drive the cost up.
  • Medications – Home detox is medicated detox. The specific medications used will depend on the type of addiction and its length. Obviously, some medications are more expensive than others are. The type of medication and the dosage used play roles in the total cost of home detox.
  • Medical Care – Provided there are no medical emergencies that need to be dealt with, the total cost of home detox can be kept fairly low. However, any medical emergencies that arise will undoubtedly add to the bill.
  • Staffing – The biggest expenditure in home detox is the staffing. If your geographic location is such that nurses are close by, you will get away with minimal expense. Nevertheless, a more rural location involving greater travel distances will cost more.

Despite all of these associated costs, home detox is very affordable for most addicts. The trained staff at Addiction Helper can assess your situation and give you a fairly accurate estimate of your initial cost. This should help you come to a well-reasoned decision.

Free Detox

There are times when addicts and their families simply do not want to pay the cost of home detox or one of the other options. They opt for free detox instead. A free addiction detox programme is certainly an option anyone in the UK can choose. However, is it a wise option?

Free detox programmes offered by the NHS are terribly oversubscribed. That means they usually come with long waiting periods, during which time the recovering addict is expected to seek out support services from other channels. Unfortunately, free detox has two things working against it:

  1. Obviously, the ‘free’ part of the equation encourages many people to choose this type of detox rather than opting for paid services. Moreover, just like with everything else that is free, the number of takers can lead to the system being overwhelmed.
  2. The other problem with free detox comes by way of financial and personnel resources. Keep in mind the NHS is tasked with providing all of the healthcare services individuals might need. They simply do not have the money or personnel to adequately address detox and rehab.

On occasion, there are drug and alcohol charities offering free detox to qualified clients. However, such services are limited in terms of their availability. When all is said and done, most addicts are better served by a low-cost home detox programme.

Paying for Home Detox

When Addiction Helper recommends home detox, we also make it a point to discuss payment options with the client. There are a number of ways to cover the cost of this care without causing too much of a financial burden. If you have private health insurance, that’s the place to start.

It turns out that some private health insurance plans will cover the entire cost of home detox. Others will cover a portion of it, leaving the remainder to the individual.

If you do not have private health insurance that will cover the cost, we recommend you consider asking friends and relatives to make a donation. If you can demonstrate you are fully committed to recovery, you may be pleasantly surprised at their willingness to help.

A third option is to finance your detox with a credit card account or some of your personal savings. In most cases, it is affordable enough that you can make up for what you have spent after you get back to work. Again, home detox is surprisingly affordable in most cases.

Start Your Recovery Today

We would never be so bold as to say home detox is a magical solution able to make you drug or alcohol free for the rest of your life. What we will say is that it is an affordable option that can get you on the road to recovery as soon as you are ready to begin. You can start the process by calling our addiction helpline right now.

Addiction Helper is a confidential counselling and referral service working with the best clinics in the UK and beyond. We make it our business to know what is available for both detox and rehab at any given time. Our extensive knowledge allows us to identify the best programmes and facilities so that we can make recommendations to our clients. Rest assured that all of our services are confidential and absolutely free.

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, help is available. You do not need to continue living this way. With one call to our addiction helpline, we can get you started on that road to recovery today.