How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of treatment at a rehab clinic varies greatly depending on the standard of the clinics accommodation and facilities and the length of program required by the individual. There are numerous clinics across the UK and Worldwide and it can be a case of calling many clinics before you find one that suits both your budget and treatment needs.

Help is Available

Addiction Helpers advisors have in depth knowledge of all the established and registered treatment clinics in the UK and Europe. We also specialize in treatment in South Africa, and Thailand. With one call to us, we can help you find the right treatment centre, taking into account your budget, your treatment needs and any special requirements. We are not affiliated with any clinics in particular, so we base our recommendations purely on your needs taken from our free over the telephone treatment assessment.

The cost of rehab in the UK generally starts at around £4-6000 for a private rehab – 28 day residential admission and starts at round £2000 for a 7-10 day detox; this includes all therapy, medication, accommodation and food. There are a few rehabs that can provide a lower cost treatment, and many that cost more. Rehab treatment is costly, and when parting with your money, you want to be sure that you are doing the right thing and getting the best treatment your money can buy. Addiction Helper will assist you in this, and if finances are a problem, help you to look at lower cost treatment options such as counselling or accessing your local NHS services.

The Cost of Living

Whilst treatment is expensive, there is no denying that it is lifesaving. Whilst you cannot put a price on someone’s life, it is helpful to know the costs involved and if it is affordable. If you are fortunate enough to be able to afford rehab treatment, the chances of recovery are vastly increased. The longer you are able to stay also impacts on your chances of long term sobriety, as studies have proved. Of course, recovery is the individuals responsibility, and whilst treatment centres can help lay the foundations to a long lasting and happy recovery, it’s down to the individual to make sure that they keep up the work in maintaining it

It is worth considering carefully before casting the idea of rehab aside due to cost. Many in addiction spend hundreds if not thousands of pounds a month on their addiction, and in the long term could save you much, much more. Prices start from as little as £2500. for a standard detox only. Full therapeutic rehabilitation programs can be accessed from £5000. inclusive of aftercare. Costs are reflective of the treatment the rehab offers, the location, the standard of accommodation and the facilities available

Why Rehab Can Work

Recovery requires 100 percent input from the individual. No amount of top class treatment will do this for an individual that is not willing to engage or take on board what is suggested. However, many do enter rehab with a certain scepticism only to have this completely turned around once they start working intensively with the rehab staff. There are some key benefits to attending rehab that are not accessible by other means. Aside from the professional and intensive therapies that are on offer, there are other benefits to attending a residential rehab that you may wish to consider:

1. You are not alone.

In rehab you are with others that are in a similar position to yourself, you can draw strength and support from each other. Having another individual actually understand how you are feeling/thinking can be a huge comfort to someone who has struggled alone for many years.

2. You are removed from temptation and easy access to alcohol or drugs.

Rehabs are safe places, and whilst you stay in the rehab you will be kept safe from temptation.

3. Fully trained and qualified staff.

Any medical detox you undergo will be supervised and controlled by fully trained and qualified staff.

4. You will be shielded from external pressures;

such as commitments, responsibilities, and expectations so that you can focus on recovering and engaging fully in the treatment being offered

5. You will start to learn about yourself and understand what makes you tick.

The intensive therapy is a revelation to most and can give you an invaluable insight into addiction and what you need to do in order to overcome it.

6. You will not be judged in rehab.

Rehab is a place where sick people go to convalesce and recover from addiction. Many of the staff have recovered from addiction themselves, and now trained and qualified, can combine their knowledge and experience to help you to recover.

8. Rehab gives hope and inspiration to the hopeless and uninspired.

Rehab is a positive environment that will encourage you and support you to flourish in your recovery.

9. Rehab can help to rebuild family and relationships.

Many rehabs offer family intervention meetings, where the family is welcomed to attend the rehab and work with the individual and a qualified counsellor on how to move relations forward in a more positive and non-destructive way.

10. You will be able to benefit from group therapy.

Many individuals recoil at the idea of group therapy and the purpose of group therapy is often misunderstood and underestimated. There is something indefinably powerful about having the support and feed back of your peers, and as to what you can learn from their experiences. The process of learning to give also starts in groups, where your support and advice will also be valuable to others that are struggling.

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