How Long does Rehab Take?

The first thing to recognise in treating addiction is that every individuals needs are different. There is no such thing as a one size fits all and what works for one individual could prove of absolutely no benefit to another. The same is applied to the length of treatment program required to give an individual a firm grounding in recovery.

There are various treatment programs available, and whilst they all work around the same core, which is to address the reasons underpinning someone’s addiction, they can vary greatly in terms of program length and treatment methods used.

The second thing to recognise in treating addiction is that treatment doesn’t stop when a rehab program is completed. Recovery requires a lifelong commitment to live by certain principles and do certain things to maintain a healthy mind, spirit and body.

Addiction Helper includes Aftercare with all of the treatment programs offered. It has been proven that professional support and on-going treatment can really help prevent against relapse in those early and very vulnerable days of sobriety.

What Length of Programs is Available in Rehab?

Stays in rehab can start as little as a 7 day detox, but only were suitable. In the vast majority of cases, a detox is not enough to sustain long term recovery. If you remove alcohol from alcoholic, you’re still left with an alcoholic, albeit a dry one. Alcoholics will drink, as that is the only way that they know how to survive life on a daily basis. Something far more needs to be achieved in terms of the individuals thinking and coping skills if they are to stand a chance at long term sobriety. A detox alone is unlikely to achieve this.

The general opinion in treating alcoholism or drug addiction is that an individual requiring treatment should consider no less than a 6 week program. This in most cases is sufficient to provide a good understanding of recovery, addiction and the actions required to keep the individual sober and happy in day to day life. It also provides the rehabs therapists, counsellors and doctors with a reasonable period of time in which to achieve substantial change in the persons thinking and actions; as it has long been recognised that this is the crux of the problem that leads to alcoholism and addiction. In short there is no quick fix or miracle cure. Recovery takes time and hard work to achieve.

Most rehabs will offer various programs in addition to detox only, starting at 28 days then, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 12 week Primary care programs. Some rehabs also offer Secondary and Tertiary care.

For an individual that has relapsed many times, or that has complex mental health or emotional issues, a longer period of rehabilitation may be required. It has been proven that individuals who attend longer programs in rehab have a far better chance at maintaining recovery than those who don’t.

Deciding on your Length of Stay

This can be difficult, as in today’s society we all want problems fixed as quickly and easily as possible. The less disruption to ourselves and others the better. In treating addiction however this is not always possible. Some individuals need time out of their daily life and commitments to concentrate completely on recovering. This is also not a process that can or should be rushed. At addiction Helper we try to discourage callers from the temptation of attending a “Rapid Detox”. The long term sobriety statistics are poor and many individuals fall in to the revolving door trap of repeated detoxes. In our opinion this is a waste of time, money and emotional investment.

When deciding how long to go to rehab for, it is helpful to consult with a professional, such as ourselves. We can advise on an initial recommended period of treatment, based on your treatment needs as an individual. This period of time can always be reviewed once you start treatment, as may be the case that the counsellors and therapist feel after working with you, that you need longer than initially planned. Of course, whether you choose to follow this advice or not is entirely up to you, but the counsellors will advise you if they feel an earlier discharge or completion could jeopardise your recovery.

To discuss an individual treatment plan, including length of stay in treatment, please call and speak to one of our Addiction Treatment Counsellors today on 08004488688 or 2031511488 Our Questions and Answers section will also provide you with simple, general information about addiction and addiction treatment.