If you need to contact an alcohol detox clinic it is essential to choose the right one.All offer similar programmes, but each is slightly different and there are a number of points that you need to consider.

The first is known as modality, which is a description of the type of counselling that is offered by clinics for alcohol detox and rehab.There are many different types of counselling available, including one to one, 12 step programmes and group therapy sessions.

The next thing to consider is the duration of the programme.While short programmes, lasting only a few weeks, are available they do not suit everyone.There are others that prefer you to have regular counselling for a minimum of a year.There is no hard and fast rule about which systems are most successful; it is simply a matter of finding the one that best suits the needs of the individual.

Residential status can often be the most important aspect of alcohol addiction detox. Some people will be treated as outpatients, but this is not always the best option.Being treated as an outpatient on a day programme can work out to be more cost effective, but can lead to a long recovery period.In some cases it may be beneficial for patients to be away from their home environment in order to remove themselves from the issues that cause them to drink.