Sanctuary Lodge

730 reviews
Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex. CO9 2DW

Key Points

  • Private
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Onsite gym
  • Residential
Sanctuary Lodge is a state of the art detox and rehabilitation facility, set in the picturesque market town of Halstead. The facility itself boasts 24 double bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The treatment is fully integrated, meaning we can facilitate a full on-site medical detox and rehabilitation programme within the same unit.

I was frightened to come in Sanctuary Lodge at first and wanted to run! When I started to get into the program I realised quickly that this place can help you work magic...if you want recovery. The staff started me off and showed me the path to follow and now it’s up to me. At first the groups were irritating and yet I soon realised that I could get so much out of the groups therapy. This illness has been consuming me for a long while and now with doing four weeks in here, it’s allowed me to see the person as used to be. My head was so clouded I couldn’t see through the mist. Now I’m talking responsibility for myself. I can’t thank Angie and all the therapists and staff enough., it’s all been great and the food has been tops!


The treatment is professional and sincere. I find the the treatment programme very well structured and it helped me to conquer my addiction.


I’ve enjoyed my time at Sanctuary Lodge after 28 days and would recommend it to anyone looking to release them selfs of this killer disease ADDICTION , I would like to thank the amazing staff and wish all my peers the best in their recovery