There is no doubt that rehab for people with alcohol misuse problems works. The likelihood is that if you are reading this, you are at the point where you have admitted needing help. This is the first step to recovery! Now your dilemma may be whether to apply for funding for an NHS Alcohol Rehab or whether to privately fund the cost yourself. Addiction Helper hopes the following information will assist you in making this valuable and life changing decision.

Privately funded alcohol rehab can be costly, but alcoholism can cost you your life and everything that you hold dear. Addiction helper is sympathetic to this fact, and will help you find a private rehab that is both affordable and meets your individual requirements and needs. Unfortunately, with an NHS Alcohol rehab, your choices are far more limited and the decision of where to go for your rehabilitation will ultimately lie with your local NHS.

The main drawback of opting for an NHS Alcohol Rehab is that there is actually no such thing. Quite simply, the NHS does not have the budget or provisions to provide an NHS Alcohol Rehab. Therefore, you will either be referred for NHS funding at a private rehabilitation facility or placed on a waiting list for a detoxification within an NHS hospital or similar unit. The NHS will always consider other lesser treatment options within the community before assessing whether you are suitable to apply for NHS Alcohol rehab. Treatment for alcohol and drug misuse on the NHS is seen as a drain on government funding by many who do not understand the nature of addiction as an illness. Of course , all of this is irrelevant if you or a loved one is the one who is suffering! If you are one of the lucky few selected for funding for NHS Alcohol Rehab, then there will be a waiting list. The length of the waiting list will be dependent on the area that you live in and the demand for NHS Alcohol Rehab within that area. Waiting times are not an issue if you are privately funding rehab yourself. When your life is hanging in the balance, this has to be the most important difference between NHS Alcohol rehab and privately funded rehab.

Many people who are considering applying for an NHS Alcohol Rehab will want to look at statistical evidence to help them decide.
Whilst there is no question that a detoxification and completed treatment program can be the most effective way to permanent recovery, as yet, there are no statistics provided by the National Drug Treatment Agency for alcohol-only clients. This is because problematic drug users have always received priority treatment over alcohol only clients. Even then, funding and resources are very limited and fall far short of public demand. It really is a depressing picture that is painted for someone who is suffering from acute or chronic alcohol addiction and requires life-saving treatment on the NHS.
If you decide that waiting for NHS Alcohol Rehab is not a viable option for you, Addiction Helper will guide you in deciding on the best course of treatment for you. Yes, private funding for an alcohol rehab can be costly, and this is obviously the main, if not only disadvantage to applying for NHS Alcohol Rehab. Addiction Helper will advise you on your options, after taking all of your circumstances in to account, so that you can make an informed decision on the best way to proceed to a life free from addiction to alcohol.