Anyone who needs to consider a private drug and alcohol addiction detox will be concerned about what the process involves. If you opt for one of the private detoxification packages that are available at many clinics you can be sure of 24 hour treatment, usually a private room, doctors that specialise in detoxification, and therapists that are trained in the treatment of substance abuse.You can also expect programmes that are designed to treat your individual needs and specially designed nutritional programmes to support your health while you are undergoing detoxification.

Substance abuse applies to all manner of both legal and illegal drugs.No matter which drug you have become addicted to, clinics have programmes designed to treat them all.Illegal drugs, such as heroin, crack cocaine and cocaine can be treated alongside prescription medications such as tramadol, anti-depressants and morphine.Alcohol abuse can cause as much damage as any other type of drug, so programmes to treat alcoholism are in as much demand as drug rehab.

A private programme can be costly for an inpatient, but there are many options for people who need treatment on the NHS.Assessments are carried out by most clinics prior to your receiving treatment, so you will always be aware of what your options are before you begin.Most assessments are undertaken at the clinic, although you will often be given the option of having it carried out in your own home.