What are Luxury Rehabs?

Addiction Helper has access to a number of exclusive private Luxury Rehab clinics in The UK and abroad. Luxury Rehabs are only available privately and cannot be accessed through the NHS. They deliver top quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation with a private, secluded and luxurious setting. Making your treatment a positive and rejuvenating experience

When is Luxury Rehab Treatment most Appropriate?

  • When you are looking for a place where your privacy will be protected and respected not only by the staff but also by other patients
  • If you are in the media spotlight. By attending a luxury rehab, privacy and confidentiality will always come first
  • You want to be with people like you. Luxury rehabs cannot be accessed by the NHS so other patients are likely to be of similar social standing to that of your self
  • You want to treat yourself to the most positive experience you can afford
  • You want to stay in a private luxury apartment/suite, maximizing the time you are able to relax and unwind in between treatments
  • You want access to luxury facilities and treatments, such as massages, spa treatments, private gym and excursions.
  • Your surroundings and accommodation are very important to your general wellbeing and in helping you maintain a positive frame of mind
  • You are looking for a warmer climate with access to the beach and beautiful surroundings
  • You want to be able to access the best and most cutting edge addiction treatments money can buy
  • You want access to a more personalised treatment program with a higher Counsellor to patient ratio
  • You want a rehab that addresses the spiritual element of addiction treatment.

Addiction Helper can offer luxury treatment both in the UK and in other countries such as Thailand, Europe and South Africa, providing you with opportunity to truly get away from the drudgery of daily life and recover in beautiful and ambient surroundings

What Facilities do Luxury Rehabs Offer?

Luxury rehabs offer many facilities and added extras that you would not be able to access in a standard rehab facility, such as:

  • Your own private and executive suite or apartment
  • Gourmet food, prepared by a top chef and catered to your specific nutritional and dietary requirements
  • Breath taking and inspiring views of the beach and surroundings
  • The latest in cutting edge, no expense spared, addiction treatments
  • Access to more one to one counselling and smaller and more tailor made groups
  • More privacy and protection from the outside world
  • Spiritually enriching treatments and experiences
  • Pamper, relaxation and emotional healing treatments
  • A more comprehensive treatment program incorporating other elements such as fitness, spirituality and nutrition

What is the Cost of a Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehabs are more expensive than most, but prices can generally range anything from £2000 a week up to £10000 a week. In particular there are some excellent luxury rehabs abroad that offer exceptional value for money.

Our Questions and Answers section will also provide you with simple, general information about addiction and addiction treatment.

For more information on specific luxury rehab programs and the facilities and treatments that they offer, please call our Addiction Helper helpline now