Every instance of alcohol or drug detox constitutes a serious situation requiring appropriate medical attention. However, there are times when detox is more urgent than others. Someone in need of urgent detox might be facing serious medical, financial, or emotional consequences if detox is not undertaken right away.

An urgent addiction detox scenario is something Addiction Helper is very familiar with. We deal with all sorts of clients in any number of circumstances, some of them in need of detox as soon as is humanly possible. If you find yourself in an urgent situation, we encourage you to get in touch with us right away.

The urgency of your situation will dictate the types of programmes and services we refer you to. However, be aware that most NHS programmes are oversubscribed to a large degree. That means you are likely to have a significant waiting period between the time you sign up and the time your detox actually begins. You will need to seek support services in the interim.

Private clinics and programmes run by charities tend to be ready to accept new clients more quickly. For example, many of the residential clinics we work with can admit new clients and begin treatment within 24 hours. All of this needs to be considered when arranging urgent detox.

Scenarios Requiring Urgent Detox

What are some of the types of situations that require urgent detox? Let’s look at just a few examples. We will begin with a scenario that involves potentially serious physical consequences.

Let’s say you are an alcoholic who has already been diagnosed with potential liver damage and/or heart disease. You may reach a point where your health becomes critical. If you do not detox from alcohol within the next several weeks then you could find yourself facing irreparable physical harm or even death. You would be an excellent candidate for urgent detox.

A second scenario would involve financial consequences. Let’s assume you are addicted to cocaine. Let’s also say that your employer has discovered your addiction and has threatened you with the loss of your job if you do not get help right away. In order to protect both your job and finances, urgent detox is required.

A third scenario for urgent detox would include some sort of personal or emotional loss. Perhaps the loss of a relationship with a spouse and children is a very real possibility. It might be that the only way to prevent such a loss would be to immediately detox and begin a rehab programme.

As a confidential referral and counselling organisation, we can help you locate urgent detox for:

  • alcohol
  • illicit drugs
  • over-the-counter medications
  • prescription drugs
  • legal highs
  • household solvents.

Why You Need Detox

The idea of urgent detox addresses why someone would want to take advantage of it. However, it does not answer the question as to why you need detox. Let’s talk about that for just a moment.

The detox process is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to deprive your body of drugs or alcohol so that it can cleanse itself of the chemicals and compounds associated with your addiction. As long as those chemicals and compounds remain, your physical dependence on drugs and alcohol will remain as well.

The reality of drug and alcohol addiction is that you cannot ever be truly free until detox is completed. Without detox, you will continue to be physically dependent on alcohol or drugs and likely to continue using them unabated. As uncomfortable as it might be, detox is necessary if you want to be permanently free.

Consequences of Refusing Detox

The consequences of refusing detox fall right in line with those scenarios we offered earlier. Failing to detox means continuing using drugs or alcohol for the foreseeable future. Moreover, just as your addiction is ruining your life now, it will continue ruining your life into the future.

Please understand that alcohol and drug addiction does not affect just addicts themselves. It affects family members, co-workers and everyone else around you. If you continue your addictive behaviour, you could suffer some or all of the following consequences:

  • loss of income
  • loss of personal relationships
  • mental anxiety and depression
  • continually deteriorating health
  • eventual death.

If you have a need for urgent detox, some of these consequences might already be imminent. Is it worth it to continue taking your chances for the little pleasure drugs and alcohol affords you? Is it worth it to risk your family, your financial future, and even your own health just to get high?

Addiction Helper is an organisation fully devoted to helping you get well. We do not believe there is any addiction that is truly worth the potential consequences. Living a life free of drugs and alcohol is a far better option.

Detox Choices

Assuming you are reading this page because you need urgent detox, there are two options: outpatient and inpatient. The NHS and a number of private clinics and charities offer outpatient detox. It allows you to continue to live at home in exchange for you visiting the detox clinic on a regular basis. Clinic staff will evaluate you with every visit to track your progress and stay abreast of your health.

Inpatient rehab is usually the domain of private clinics and hospitals. This type of rehab requires the addict to check in, and stay, at the facility throughout the duration of the process. It is the better option when the potential exists for serious health risks. It is also the better option when an addict’s home environment is not conducive for outpatient detox.

Addiction Helper works with clinics, charities and programmes across the UK to provide urgent detox to alcoholics and addicts in need. All of the providers we work with are committed to helping you break free from addictive lifestyle. There is help out there if you want it; we can help you find it. We urge you to make the choice to contact us over the phone or with an e-mail. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.