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On this Website
“We” and “us” means Addiction Helper. “You” means the person using the website and/or the Addiction Helper service.

“Working days” means all days other than Saturdays, Sundays and English statutory and public holidays.

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Website Content
We own the copyright to all the contents of this website, including images. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, republish, download, display, post or transmit any part of the website without written consent from us (except as stated below).

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Our Advice
Our telephone advice is provided by qualified treatment counsellors and medical professionals who are experienced in the field of addiction and mental health issues. We aim to provide the most suitable advice for the enquiry. However, we can only advise on the information with which we are provided either by telephone or by email. We do not conduct face-to-face assessments which can be more accurate in diagnosing the severity of a client’s condition. We would therefore recommend that you visit your GP if you deem their condition to be urgent. Calls may be recorded to provide evidence of a business transaction.

Our Network of Treatment Centres
We provide treatment through a network of private rehabilitation clinics in the United Kingdom and overseas. All the clinics in our United Kingdom network are members of the Care Quality Commission, and our overseas clinics are members of the relevant regulatory authority for their country. While we choose the most appropriate rehabilitation centre for your particular circumstances, we cannot guarantee that treatment will be successful or that you will not relapse in the future.

Our Network of Counsellors
We act as a treatment provider to specialist addiction and mental health counsellors in the United Kingdom. We recommend the most appropriate specialist for your particular needs and circumstances, and this advice is free of charge. Thereafter, your contact will be directly with the counsellor. Your contract will be with the counsellor and not with Addiction Helper. You do not have the statutory right to cancel by notice to us. You may have a statutory right to cancel by notice to the counsellor prior to treatment commencing. We cannot guarantee that your treatment will be successful or that you will not relapse in the future.

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