Aftercare should be considered as part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program and not an added extra. Whether you choose to have aftercare is up to you, but there are some very important reasons as to why it is highly recommended.

Where Will Aftercare Take Place?

Your aftercare counsellor will arrange for a private room where you can meet locally. This will be in a public establishment but will also be in a safe environment where you can talk without disruptions. Be sure to research and locate a counsellor that is local to you for your convenience, but also one that is able to continue with meeting your treatment needs as an individual.

How Long Will Aftercare Last?

In most instances, a course of 20 aftercare sessions is recommended. It has been clinically recognised that the longer you are able to commit to a rehabilitation treatment program, the better your chances of long term recovery.  Where finances are a problem, there are also shorter packages of 10 sessions. You will have the option of extending your aftercare at any time, if agreed with your aftercare counsellor that it is in the best interests of your long term recovery.

How Often Will I See My Aftercare Counsellor?

Generally it is recommended that you see your aftercare counsellor on a once weekly basis. However there can be some flexibility around this if in keeping with your treatment needs and other important commitments.

Is Aftercare Compulsory?

Aftercare is not compulsory, but is strongly recommended. The first year of your recovery is when you are most vulnerable to relapse. Having aftercare will vastly improve your chances of remaining free from your addiction. An aftercare counsellor can help you stabilise your recovery and stay focused.  The early days of discharge from treatment can be very scary and overwhelming as you try to adjust to your new found sobriety. Life will seem completely different and you may experience difficult emotions and may find yourself in some tough situations. Having the professional support of an aftercare counsellor to help you through this can be invaluable to your recovery.

How Do I Arrange Aftercare?

You will be advised on a suitable aftercare package once you have finished treatment and the costs involved will be included in your treatment plan. If you wish to proceed with the treatment package, you can request that your rehab facility make all the necessary arrangements so that your counselling sessions are secured to start from the time you are discharged from your addiction rehab clinic.