Drug and alcohol addictions can destroy so many lives in so many ways. Yet it is not uncommon for addicts to finally reach a place where they need help after finding themselves in an emergency situation. We refer to these kinds of circumstances as urgent addiction rehab scenarios.

An urgent addiction rehab scenario is one in which the addict has a sudden sense of urgency due to a medical emergency or some other extemporaneous motivation. It can also be a situation in which family members or friends contact us on behalf of an addict who is facing an emergency situation. In either case, urgent rehab is necessary if the addict is to be helped.

Addiction Helper can assist you with your urgent rehab needs thanks to our working relationship with the best clinics in the UK. If there is space available at any of our clinics, we will do what we can to get you or your loved one immediate admission.

Reasons for Urgent Addiction Rehab

There are a number of reasons people seek urgent rehab for themselves or their loved ones. None of these reasons is more or less valid than another is. Addiction Helper will do what it takes to assist anyone who calls us, regardless of the circumstances. That said, some of the more common reasons people need urgent rehab are:

  • Overdose – Also known as an OD, overdose is usually a medical emergency requiring immediate, life-saving help. However, overdose can also be a sign that an addict has given up hope and no longer wishes to continue living. This is a scenario in which immediate rehab help is necessary in order to prevent future attempts to overdose.

  • Rock Bottom – It’s often said that the average addict cannot be helped until he or she reaches rock bottom. At that point, they make the conscious decision to agree to treatment. However, there’s a catch: if admission to a treatment programme is not immediately available, the addict may change his or her mind in a day or so. Urgent addiction rehab is once again a priority. We want to take advantage of any decision to seek treatment before the moment is lost.

  • Intervention Results – Even if an addict has not reached rock bottom, an intervention may also motivate him/her to make the decision to get treatment. Such a decision is subject to the same potential change of heart soon after making the decision.

  • Personal Loss – From time to time addicts are confronted with the very real possibility of losing a spouse or a job. Sometimes an intervention even brings them to this place. However, in either case, the threat of personal loss may instigate an urgent desire in the addict to get treatment right away.

Regardless of the reasons that people seek urgent rehab, the need exists nonetheless. Addiction Helper is here to assist you in these types of situations. How can we help? By assessing your circumstances and recommending an appropriate clinic and treatment programme.

Our main function is to act as a referral service, matching clients with rehab clinics. We fulfil this goal by constantly researching facilities and programmes throughout the country and, when necessary, even abroad. Moreover, because our data is always up-to-date, we know what every facility is offering at any given time. When you contact us, we have urgent rehab information at our fingertips.

Urgent Addiction Rehab for Addicts

If you are currently an alcohol or drug addict in need of urgent rehab, we want you to understand one very important thing: this must be your choice. No residential treatment programme can help you truly break free if you do not want to do so. We’re here to help, but you must want to be helped.

When you contact us, you are telling us of your willingness to be admitted to a programme. You are telling us that your submission to residential treatment is voluntary on your part, and that you truly want to get well. So here is the big question: is this what you want?

Urgent rehab doesn’t exist simply to provide you a place for a temporary holiday. Quite the contrary; addiction rehab can be a difficult and uncomfortable process during the 6 to 12 weeks it takes to complete residential treatment. If you are not willing to do whatever it takes to break free from addiction, you might want to reconsider your motivations.

Here’s another question: have you considered how your addictive behaviour is harming other people? Indeed, addiction is not something that only harms addicts themselves. It’s doing great damage to:

  • your spouse and children

  • your parents and siblings

  • your extended family members

  • your employer and co-workers

  • your entire community.

We know you didn’t set out to harm other people through your behaviour, but you are harming them just the same. We urge you to get treatment for their sakes, if not for your own. Do you not want those closest to you to live a happy and productive life? That will not be possible as long as you remain addicted.

Urgent Addiction Rehab for Family Members

The Addiction Helper staff know you cannot force your loved one to accept rehab treatment for alcohol or drugs. We know that if you did try to force him or her, the likelihood of a more serious relapse in the future is rather high. However, being unable to force rehab does not mean there’s nothing you can do. You can do plenty.

We urge you to consider conducting an intervention on behalf of the addict. We can point you to professional help if you don’t want to do it on your own. If you’re comfortable conducting an intervention without professional help, we can also give you some helpful tips to increase your chances of success.

In the meantime, we also want to arm you with the information necessary to make an informed decision about addiction rehab. As we said earlier, you may only have a short window of time to admit your friend or loved one to a treatment programme – if your intervention proved successful. If you’re not ready to go on a moment’s notice, you may lose the addict to a change of heart.

Urgent addiction rehab exists for that very reason. Contact us today to learn all about the available treatment options. As soon as your friend or loved one agrees to seek treatment, you can call us back immediately for help in arranging admission. By working together, we can take advantage of any decision to get help.