There are a number of addiction rehab clinics that can facilitate day care (often called out-patient) treatment programmes. The programmes range from one day a week up to more intensive 5-7 days a week where you can access the full benefits of therapy. Day care detox programmes are also available at some addiction rehab clinics. However before deciding on whether outpatient is a suitable course of treatment, there are a number of things that you should consider first.

When is Day Care Treatment Appropriate?

  • When there is a rehab clinic near enough to your home that you are able to travel to and from on a regular basis.
  • When outpatient treatment can act as a valuable extension to an inpatient program and can help you adjust back into daily life
  • When you have recently completed a full inpatient program and are struggling to adjust back into daily life
  • You are already in recovery but struggling with daily life
  • When you feel unable to commit to inpatient due to family commitments, i.e, you have a young baby that you need to stay bonded with
  • You want the benefits of a full treatment program but cannot financially afford inpatient treatment
  • When you have a very strong support network of family and friends who will support you 100% in your commitment to treatment and recovery

When considering if outpatient is suitable for you, we would urge you to honestly ask yourself the reasons why you do not wish to commit to an inpatient program. Inpatient is by far the best and safest way to experience addiction rehab clinic treatment and provides you with a structure to help protect you from the temptation of succumbing to your addiction. There are some definite examples of when outpatient is not in the best interests of your recovery.

When is Day Care Treatment Not Appropriate?

  • When you have little or no support at home
  • When you have to travel more than an hour to get to the addiction rehab clinic of your choice
  • When your home environment is not a safe environment
  • When there is stress and pressure from other sources such as family, work, dealers or finances
  • When you are looking for an easier softer option
  • When there is temptation at home, for example a partner that drinks or uses
  • When you have no structure in place in the evenings to keep you occupied
  • When you are physically/mentally very unwell

If you are considering accessing an outpatient program at an addiction rehab clinic, it is recommended that you discuss all options with an addiction specialist or any other medical professional. They will thoroughly assess your suitability for an outpatient program before making any recommendations. Try and keep an open mind. If it is fear of staying away from home, an appointment to view the addiction rehab clinic prior to committing to a program can be arranged. If it is because you cannot face the prospect of being separated from family and loved ones, please remember that it is only for a short space of time in the grand scheme of things, and you will still be able to arrange visits for them to come and see you at weekends.