Where Should I Attend Rehab?

If you have decided that you want to go to rehab for treatment, selecting the right rehab in the right area can seem an overwhelming task. There are many rehabs in the UK, and indeed worldwide, each offering a slightly different variation of addiction treatment. There are many things to consider when choosing a rehab, and location is one of them.

What do you Want from a Rehab?

The first thing is to ask yourself what you are looking for in terms of treatment and the accommodation and facilities the rehab will provide. Once you have decided on the kind of rehab you are looking for then you can decide on the area. The most important thing is that you get the right treatment that will work for you, location should come secondary to that. When considering where you would like to go for treatment, there are a number of factors that may be important to your decision, such as the examples below:

Does the rehab need to be local?
Are you looking for a rehab in a hot country?
Does the rehab need to have luxury accommodation?
Are you looking for a beach front rehab?
Are you looking for a rehab that offers a lot of holistic therapies?
Does the rehab need to be able to facilitate same sex groups?

These are just a few preferences that you may wish the rehab you are attending to have. Addiction Helper would take all of your treatment needs and preferences into account before recommending a rehab that is suitable.

Local is not Always Best

Which location you choose for your rehab can impact massively on your chances of successfully completing treatment. Most people that we speak to immediately want the security in choosing a rehab that is close to home. This is not usually a wise move; unless in exceptional circumstances, a rehab that is in the same or a neighbouring town to where you live, should always be avoided. The reason for this is that there is a proven benefit to having a psychological detachment from outside issues whilst concentrating on early rehabilitation. Rehab is not always easy and some days will be tougher than others. You will be expected to look closely at your thinking and behaviours; this can prove uncomfortable at first and very challenging. Even with the support of your peers and counselling team, if your home is local, the temptation to quit after a challenging day can prove too much of a temptation. A decision you are very likely to regret at a later stage. Also when family and friends are local it can be difficult to detach from their problems and whilst you are concentrating on what is going on for them, you are not concentrating on your recovery. The other thing that is vital to consider is your safety. Some clients owe a great deal of money to family, friends or dealers due to their addiction. Whilst the rehab will do all they can to protect your confidentiality and anonymity, excursion trips to local facilities may mean there is a risk of you seeing someone that you know. Unless there are exceptional reasons for you to stay local, it is always advisable to attend a rehab that is away from your local area and familiar surroundings.

Additional Benefits

For some individuals seeking a rehab clinic, it is important to them that they return to their normal life, refreshed and invigorated from their stay in rehab. They may feel that they want to get completely away from everything, and a hot climate and attractive surroundings are an important part of that. If this is the case for you, we have a number of world class treatment clinics abroad. Treatment abroad can be exceptionally good value for money, with cutting edge therapies available, delivered by highly qualified professionals in beautiful and inspiring surroundings. During the cold winter months in the UK, treatment in South Africa or Thailand can be a very attractive prospect and the warm climate and complete change of scenery can help make the experience all the more positive.

With so many things to consider when choosing a rehab, we would urge you to call our helpline and let us provide you with free and confidential expert advice in finding the right rehab clinic for you. Our Questions and Answers section will also provide you with simple, general information about addiction and addiction treatment.

We have in-depth knowledge of all of all of our rehab clinics and have a vast choice to accommodate different treatment needs and personal preferences. We can pass that knowledge on to you, so you can choose your rehab with complete confidence.