Liberty House Clinic

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220 Old Bedford Road, Luton. Beds. LU2 7HP

Key Points

  • Private
  • Holistic Treatment
  • Award Winning
  • Residential
Liberty House Clinic is a fully furbished detox and rehabilitation facility set within a quiet and picturesque suburban street based in the heart of Luton. Situated just outside of London, our facility has 21 beds, is set in spacious grounds and has fully trained staff on site 24hrs a day. The treatment services include providing a medically monitored detox as well as a fully comprehensive rehabilitation programme designed to address the mind, body and spiritual wellbeing. Allowing our clients to feel at home and as comfortable as possible is crucial and we have created a safe, secure and comfortable environment for clients to be able to focus on their recovery.

The staff at liberty house are of the absolute professional qualty form the support staff to the therapist. Rosie the Manager maintains the highest quality of service possible ,she creates such a comfortable and assertive feeling to clients. The therapists are very determined in their approach to success for recovery for clients, the support staff and trainee therapist Costas is amazing and will go on to rescue many people from addiction. Tony, stephen, damien and goesha and the catering staff were amazing in supporting mine and other clients rehabilitation, My needs for dietary and religious requirements were met by Joannne and Carlos to a very high standard. Angie the If Rosie had a refurbishment to the property given to her there are no angles liberty house could not satisfy. They have prepared me with the tools to recovery.


My treatment in Liberty House as been most beneficial, in knowledge, understanding, support, guidance to continue in my sobriety with the 12 step program. I have much more of an understanding about my addiction on how to go forward with my future, being clean & sober. My acceptance & willingness, trust & faith within the staff has given me great confidence. It's not been an easy process to go through, but I am extremely grateful that I persevered & committed myself to the program. I am definitely going to use the tools that have been taught to me, as I am aware this can not been done alone. ie: 12 step, step-work, service, recovery. I would highly recommend this to any addict or alcoholic suffering.

Lisa P

I received excellent treatment, the therapy & counsellors really understood about my alcohol problems, and what was so good most of the staff are all in recovery themselves.