Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Herefordshire

Breaking free from your addiction to drugs or alcohol is not impossible. If you’re based in Herefordshire, there are numerous treatment options at your disposal that can help you put overcome substance abuse, once and for all. If you have a loved one who’s trying to quit, you can also find them help via the available recovery options nearby. Addiction takes time to develop and it’s difficult to quit when you’ve become dependent on certain substances to perform normal functions. Withdrawing on your own or self-medicating is never advised, as complications may arise that could lead to serious health problems. Therefore, ensure you seek medical attention the moment you make the decision to quit.

Recovery programmes in Herefordshire are delivered by private rehab centres and public services. Receiving adequate treatment that tackles the addiction in question is your best chance of achieving abstinence. We can point you in the right direction with regards a treatment method that suits best you. So, don’t hesitate to call us as soon as possible.

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Private Rehab

Private rehab centres serve as addiction treatment facilities that provide intensive inpatient programmes. Undertaking this kind of rehab will give you a very good chance of successfully overcoming your addiction, as you’ll be guided and monitored by professional carers throughout each stage of your recovery and you’ll also undergo treatment in a drug-free environment.

A medical detox team will work with you to make your withdrawal symptoms more bearable, as the substance of abuse is expunged from your system. Once this is over, you’ll undergo rehabilitation, whereby psychotherapy will be applied to address any underlying reasons for your addiction and teach you skills that will help you fight off relapse triggers and temptations.

Rehab at private clinics usually involves group and private counselling sessions, during which, therapies such as the 12-step model, CBT, meditation, DBT, and other behavioural therapies are applied. You’ll also undergo various other activities, such as seminars, lectures, workshops, and some vocational classes. Most facilities add music and art therapy – as well as sports and fitness – to the rehabilitation routine.

Pros And Cons Of Private Rehab

Private rehab gives you the chance to be treated in a serene and conducive environment that is free from drugs and designed to provide adequate comfort. It’s doubtful that any public programme offers the level of care provided in private addiction treatment centres. Some additional advantages of these rehab facilities include:

  • Integrated detox and rehab in the same facility
  • Admission is faster than public rehabs
  • Easy access to your physicians and psychologists
  • Free transport service from Herefordshire
  • Wholly personalised treatment programmes
  • Aftercare programme that helps you readjust to life after addiction and rehabilitation
  • Additional therapies to make recovery more engaging and effective

some people find it difficult to access this option – mainly due to financial constraints .

What Does Rehab Cost ?

Addiction treatment costs are dependent on various factors; for instance, your choice of treatment centre and the severity of your addiction. If your addiction is considered chronic, this could make treatment fees higher, because you’ll likely have to spend more time in rehab for a full and successful recovery. Rehab centres are estimated to cost £1,000 – £2,500 per week, but this can be further influenced by factors such as the location of the facility and inclusion of additional treatment, such as dual diagnosis.

NHS Addiction Treatment

NHS treatment options are available in Herefordshire for people who can’t access private rehab, due to cost or proximity. You can be referred to any free public service within the county by your GP. In some cases, you can even refer yourself. Furthermore, on rare occasions, you may be referred to a residential rehab programme, where your treatment will be fully funded.

Pros And Cons Of NHS Treatment

The main advantages of NHS treatment include cost, confidentiality, and close proximity of treatment centres. Conversely however, there are also disadvantages that come with NHS treatment options, which include:

  • Slow admission process
  • Lack of inpatient treatment
  • You may end up not being referred to a residential clinic
  • You’re limited in terms of access to therapists
  • You may have to attend numerous treatment centres during recovery

Addiction Support Groups

Support groups can help you stay committed to your recovery after completing residential rehab or during your outpatient programme. These groups consist of fellow recovering addicts like you, who can empathise with your situation, because they understand what you’re going through and can provide assistance whenever you need it. They are free to attend and you can find the right support group in Herefordshire to address your personal circumstances.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Herefordshire

What Is NA?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is a global addiction support group for recovering drug addicts that has meeting venues in and around Herefordshire held on a weekly basis. The group is founded on the 12-step programme which guides addicts to adopt attitudes that will keep them sober.

What Is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are pioneers of the 12-step programme adopted by NA and other addiction groups. A fellowship of men and women, this group focuses on alcoholics only and there are meetings held across Herefordshire that you can attend for free.

Types Of Counselling

Face-to-face counselling: Counselling session that involves making an appointment to see a therapist in person. It is a popular format in Herefordshire, which helps your counsellor gauge your emotions and provide immediate support.

Telephone counselling: An alternative to face-to-face counselling that involves talking on the phone. It is useful for those who have busy schedules, and can be conducted anywhere

Group Therapy: A type of therapy led by a licensed clinical professional and two or more clients. This includes family therapy and facilitated support groups.

Online Counselling This involves going through counselling via skype or LIVE chats and is really beneficial for those on the move due to work.

How Can I Get To Herefordshire?

By road

The A49 runs through the county from North to South, providing strategic connections between South and North Wales, as well as other local regions. Herefordshire is connected to the West Midlands, South Wales, and northern England via the A40 dual carriageway and the M50, which runs through the county’s south. Both roads A49 and A438 run through the county, creating an excellent network providing easy access from the city of Hereford to all parts of the region including Leominster, Ledbury, Ross-on-Wye, and Eardisley.

If you’re with a driver and they don’t know the area well, you can use landmarks to guide them – they are easy to setup in the GPS navigation and sometimes locals are more confident directing according to monuments and parks rather than by street names.Such landmarks in the area are: the River Wye, the Bodenham Lake, the River Lugg and similar.

By train

Herefordshire is connected to Manchester – as well as South and North Wales, by the Welsh Marches Line. The Cotswold Line connects Herford to Worcester, London Paddington, and Oxford. You can use the lines to Hereford to reach a number of stations before the final one, as they are midway between e.g. London or Manchester and the final destination – Hereford. The total ride time from London Paddington to hereford is from three to three-and-a-half hours.