Positive Change Therapies

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Psychotherapy is never a case of fixing you _ you are not broken, rather I will give you the tools and space to explore what you need to alter in a beautiful, secure, healing and confidential environment. I will enable you to change the way you feel by changing the way you think, this is called Neuroplasticity - you can rewire your brain by creating different and new neural pathways that ultimately produce different chemical responses in your brain and body in stressful situations. I use various talking therapies alongside hypnotherapy and deep relaxation techniques and these proven therapeutic techniques, include: Brief Solution-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Neuro-linguistic programming, The Psychodynamic Approach, Creative Visualisation, Mindfulness. I work with a range of age groups from 14 years upwards. Together we will find positive solutions.