Alcohol & Drug Rehab In Derbyshire

If you’re here because you or a loved one have made a decision to seek treatment for alcohol or drug addiction in Derbyshire, the biggest milestone has already been achieved. Recognising there is a problem can be one of the biggest challenges to addiction recovery.

You may have a lot of questions about alcohol or drug rehab, and we’re here to help you find the best treatment in and around Derbyshire, or further afield if you choose.

The rehabs found on this page have been selectively chosen because they adhere to high standards of care, are fully CQC-compliant and equipped with medical professionals ranging from psychiatrists and nurses to addiction counsellor and support workers. You can rest assured that you, or a loved one, will be as comfortable as possible during your stay and will have access to aftercare programmes to mitigate the risk of relapse.

Read on to learn more about residential rehab programmes and other services. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with one of our addiction counsellors by phone or live chat.

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Finding Treatment near Derbyshire

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Derbyshire
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Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Derbyshire

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Services in Other Towns/Cities

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Private Rehab

You can successfully achieve recovery and get help to overcome addiction via a private rehabilitation centre, close to Derbyshire. Private rehab offers the highest level of care and advanced treatment options for addiction. Most private clinics carry out treatment in attractive surroundings to ensure every patient’s residence is as comfortable as home.

During treatment in any private rehab centre, you’ll undergo a detox programme during the initial stages if your condition calls for it; you’ll also attend daily group therapy sessions, as well as seminars, workshops, and other recreational activities; individual sessions with a professional therapist are also scheduled.

Additional therapies are employed in most private rehab centres to augment the traditional method of treatment and facilitate recovery. These therapies include meditation classes, vocational lessons, art and music therapy, as well as a fitness programme.

The Pros And Cons Of Private Rehab

You’ll enjoy many benefits if you attend an inpatient treatment programme at a private rehabilitation centre. You won’t experience most of these advantages in other alternatives such as NHS services and charity programmes. These benefits include:

  • A confidentiality process that ensures your private information is closely guarded
  • A straightforward and swift admissions process that would see to it that your treatment commences as soon as possible
  • Easy access to psychologists and a medical team
  • A free sober transport service to and from our facility (before and after treatment) if you’re based in Derbyshire
  • One year’s free aftercare programme, which will help you adjust to your new drug-free life
  • An integrated family programme that aims to repair the damage caused by addiction within the family and encourage the addict to stick to their commitment

We can provide guidance and details with regards how to get in touch with private rehab centres near Derbyshire that offer the services listed above.


Private rehab centres are not always affordable

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Treatment fees for rehabilitation are not generally fixed, but the cost ranges from £1000 to £3000 per week. This is because prices vary from one rehab centre to the next and also take into account the duration of treatment, type of treatment, as well as the location of the rehab facility. There are cheaper options starting from £834 per week. Call us to discuss further!

NHS Addiction Treatment

NHS treatment comprises services supported by local councils and charity bodies, which are geared towards providing support for residents in Derbyshire and is usually free of charge for everyone. This alternative is ideal if you lack the funds for private rehab. NHS treatment programmes can be accessed via referrals or in person. Contact your GP for further guidance.

The Pros And Cons Of NHS Treatment

NHS treatment gives provides the advantage of free support, which you can access close to home. You’ll also enjoy the benefit of confidentiality, as all your records will be closely guarded. However, there are some drawbacks to consider whilst undergoing NHS treatment. These include:

  • Protracted admissions process
  • Getting into a residential programme isn’t a certainty
  • Outpatient treatment may be inadequate
  • Access to psychologists can be difficult

Addiction Support Groups

Support groups comprise a wide range of recovering addicts, who understand what your battle with addiction feels like. They can provide additional support and equip you with new techniques to stave off relapse. These meetings are free to attend and are held on a weekly basis across Derbyshire.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in Derbyshire

What Is NA?

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is an internationally renowned addiction support group that comprises recovering drug addicts of different backgrounds, genders, and ethnicity. Meetings are held across Derbyshire on different weekdays.

What Is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is also one of the most popular addiction support groups in the world, where the 12-step programme (since adopted by other support groups) was founded. This community includes men and women who are in recovery from alcoholism and other drinking-related issues. Meetings are free to attend and are held throughout Derbyshire.

Types Of Counselling

One-to-One This is the most commonly known type of therapy. It involves a counselling session between therapist and patient in the same room. It may be held in an office, coffee shop, garden or any place where the patient feels most comfortable. Face-to-face therapy includes techniques such as motivational interviewing, simple yet effective QnA or unloading where the client releases whats been on there mind causing anxiety, fear, sadness etc… before the therapist interprets this and helps the client to uncover the root issue.

Online This includes all counselling services provided through the internet. It includes sessions via emails, Skype, and support group chat rooms such as SMART Recovery online support groups. It is easy, convenient, and promotes anonymity.

Group Involves a number of people struggling with similar issues coming together to discuss these issues openly, and in the presence of a certified counsellor. Through this process, each participant gains a deeper insight into their addiction, while providing support to others in the group at the same time.

How Can I Get To Derbyshire?

By Train

In Derby, the city centre is just five minutes away from the main train station, from where you can connect to Sheffield and London St Pancras, Birmingham New Street, Bristol, Nottingham, and Crewe.

By Road

You can enter the county from Manchester via the A6 for the northern areas and the A6018 for the central; Hadfield and Buxworth are the nearest towns you can use as a navigational milestone. From Sheffield, the fastest route into Derbyshire is the A61. Right at the entrance of the county are Coal Aston and Dronfield.

For those driving from the southern counties such as Leicestershire, the most direct way is via the A50, through the M1 and back onto A50 until you reach the underpass. After that it depends on where your final destination is.

When coming from the West Midlands, it’s quicker to use the A38 until you reach Burton-upon-Trent. If it’s your final destination in Derbyshire, you can stop there, but for going further and possibly into the county capital, for example, you will need to go via A6 and continue northward.

By Plane

The closest airports to Derby are the East Midlands Airport and the Manchster Airport. Plan well ahead if you’re going to use them and consider bringing a sober friend to drive you through the various highways to your chosen rehabilitation clinic in Derbyshire.