Alcohol & Drug Rehab In East Yorkshire

Various addiction rehabs, including standard and exclusive ones, operate in and around East Yorkshire. This makes it easy for you to access professional addiction treatment through private treatment services, or a free one if you prefer. We can help you get all the help you need with beating your addiction, regardless of if it’s you who needs help, or if it’s a loved one that’s struggling with addiction, no matter if you reside in Aldborough, Baldersby, Queensbury, or any other part of East Yorkshire. The right detox and rehab facility for your needs should be able to provide you with a medically assisted detox, which should then be followed promptly by rehabilitation. If you need help finding the type of facility that can effectively guide you towards a comprehensive and long-lasting recovery, contact us today. Our confidential advisors can provide you advice and recommendations concerning the best available treatment options and support groups across or near East Yorkshire.

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Private Rehab

Private rehabilitation facilities are independent treatment centres designed to provide a conducive environment for recovery, as well as effective, individualised treatment plans for people who want to kick their addiction. These rehabs mostly run intensive inpatient programmes that are streamlined to the needs of each individual patient. You’ll get 24/7 care from start to finish.

The major benefit of private rehab is the intensity of treatment, which is comprehensive and tailored to fit each patient. Private rehab centres are medical clinics, where you can receive treatment for physical and behavioural addictions. Treatment includes a thorough assessment to determine your specific treatment needs; detoxification to remove all harmful toxins from your system; psychotherapy to treat all psychological problems, and aftercare to help you maintain abstinence after rehab.

If your case of addiction is severe, and you’re afflicted with painful and discomforting withdrawal symptoms whenever you attempt to quit, it’s advised that you go through a private treatment facility for a personalised detox programme and holistic rehab, because these facilities are your best chance of getting a full recovery.

Pros And Cons Of Private Rehab


  • Immediate admission: There are no delays in the admission process into private rehab, which makes it possible to get the care you need as soon as possible.
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Private rehabs keep all the communications and records of their patients confidential, which means you can get treatment without worrying about privacy issues.
  • Personalised care: In our private rehab, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to caring for patients. Instead, we ensure our patients receive the best possible care, by providing a course of treatment that has been tailored to match each patient’s individual needs.
  • Round the clock supervision and care: Your vitals, comfort, and general wellbeing will be monitored 24/7 in a private rehab. This will ensure that prompt attention is given to any sudden changes in your state of health or comfort.
  • Conducive environment for recovery: In a private rehab, you will be provided treatment in a controlled and comfortable environment, free of the triggers that may normally exacerbate your drug seeking behaviour.
  • Medically assisted detox: You will be provided with medication to minimise your withdrawal symptoms, and make your detox process as painless as possible.
  • Aftercare: After your treatment is complete, you can continue receiving care and support through aftercare services.


Private rehab can be too expensive for some

What Does Rehab Cost?

About £1,000 – £2,500 per week is the generally quoted cost of private rehab in East Yorkshire. However, how much you will actually pay depends on the type of treatment provided to you, and the severity of your addiction.

If you would like to get an exact quote on the cost of addiction treatment in a specific private rehab in East Yorkshire, we can help. Get in touch with us for a specific quote, and for any other information you are in need of.

NHS Addiction Treatment

Since not everyone in East Yorkshire will be able to afford care in a private rehab, there are also free NHS addiction treatment options. You can access NHS addiction treatment through a referral from your GP, or through a self-referral in some situations.

NHS addiction treatment options are available to individuals in East Yorkshire who are unable to personally finance the cost of addiction treatment in private rehab. It is completely free of charge and can be accessed in your local community, regardless of if you live in Leeds, Carleton, Driffield, or any other part of East Yorkshire.

Pros And Cons Of NHS Treatment

Before choosing to get your addiction treated through the NHS in East Yorkshire, you should know about the advantages and disadvantages of NHS addiction treatment options.


  • Assured confidentiality of your records, as provided by law
  • The service is free
  • The service is accessible by all residents of East Yorkshire
  • The service can be accessed in your local community


  • You may not be referred to a residential rehab
  • Waiting list before you receive treatment can delay your recovery
  • Treatment will likely be provided by general practitioners instead of addiction specialists
  • Outpatient treatment exposes you to triggers, stressors, or the substance of abuse before you are ready, and this can derail your recovery
  • There is a possibility that you will have to attend various clinics/centres for different aspects of your treatment
  • Building an outpatient support network may prove difficult

Addiction Support Groups

Support groups are essential to an addiction treatment or recovery programme. Through a support group, you will have access to peers who are going through the same as you, and you will be able to support one another either during or outside meetings.

Benefits of addiction support groups include a safe place to address issues of concern, receive emotional support to help prevent a relapse and companionship from understanding peers. Each support group typically concentrates on a specific type of addiction, in order to provide a focus and common ground at meetings.

Examples of support groups in East Yorkshire include Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, who both hold meetings in Acklam, Rawcliffe, and various other parts of East Yorkshire.

Find Private, Luxury Treatment Centers in East Yorkshire

What Is NA?

NA (Narcotics Anonymous) is a recognised body and non-profit fellowship that aims to assist individuals struggling with drug abuse and addiction. Attending NA meetings after detox and rehab can help minimise the risk of a relapse long-term, by providing someone to communicate with and lean on during trying times. Many NA groups make use of the twelve step programme.

What Is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is an international group of individuals working to overcome alcoholism or another type of drinking problem. AA meetings are especially ideal for individuals who have completed rehab and are in need of ongoing support and an understanding peer group. Meetings are held all through the week, in various locations throughout East Yorkshire, which means you won’t have a problem finding a nearby meeting.

Types Of Counselling

One-to-One This is the most commonly known type of therapy. It involves a counselling session between therapist and patient in the same room. It may be held in an office, coffee shop, garden or any place where the patient feels most comfortable. Face-to-face therapy includes techniques such as motivational interviewing, simple yet effective QnA or unloading where the client releases whats been on there mind causing anxiety, fear, sadness etc… before the therapist interprets this and helps the client to uncover the root issue.

Online This includes all counselling services provided through the internet. It includes sessions via emails, Skype, and support group chat rooms such as SMART Recovery online support groups. It is easy, convenient, and promotes anonymity.

Group Involves a number of people struggling with similar issues coming together to discuss these issues openly, and in the presence of a certified counsellor. Through this process, each participant gains a deeper insight into their addiction, while providing support to others in the group at the same time.

How Can I Get To East Yorkshire?

By Train

A number of train stations operate in East Yorkshire, such as the Arram Railway Station, Bempton Railway Station, Brough Railway Station, Driffield Railway Station, Ferriby Railway Station, Goole Railway Station, Rawcliffe Railway Station, and so on..

By Car

Different forms of transportation are available throughout East Yorkshire, which makes getting to and from AA or NA meetings in and around the county conveniently. The easy to use road network makes it easy to get around town.

There are a number of motorways that connect East Yorkshire with the rest of Yorkshire, as well as Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and County Durham. From the South (Sheffield) the M18 and M62 will take you to Hull via Doncaster and Goole with scenic views of the River Ouse.

From Lincoln and the rest of Lincolnshire, the A15 via Scampton joins on to the M180 at junction 4, from here take the first left at junction 5 via Barnetby Exchange to join the A15 again. This route takes you over the Humber into South Field. Hull is accessible along the A63.

From the North (Harrogate), East Yorkshire is easily accessible via the A1 and M62.

From Scarborough the East coast drive provides ocean views via the A165 through Reighton, Bridlington, Beeford and Brandesburton. The A165 will take you as far as Hull.

East Yorkshire