Be Aware: What’s in your Drugs?

rta-what-is-a-drugThe days of ecstasy (MDMA), heroin and cocaine being sold on the street as 100% pure drugs as they were in the 1990s are long gone – most users and addicts are well aware of this. Cutting is commonplace, but just what is added to drugs to make sure there is enough to go around. According to Drug Scope, police averages in 2010/11 recorded cocaine purity levels of 28% in the UK with crack cocaine averaging 28% purity. The purity of heroin was around 30%, while ecstasy varied from 70-80 milligrams for a genuine tablet, to containing no MDMA at all. So what is it that goes in to these addictive drugs?

There are horror stories of everything from brick dust to bleach being added by dealers; however, according to Professor Ross Coomber, head of the Drug and Alcohol Research Unit at Plymouth University in an interview with Men’s Health, there is no forensic evidence to show any of these deadly substances at all. Instead, street drugs are made up with over-the-counter anaesthetics such as benzocaine, paracetamol, ketamine, caffeine, and even Vitamin C.

Regardless of what is in the drugs that you use, the ingredients are highly addictive and cause significant health problems. Always be aware of what you are taking.

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