Are You Afraid of Getting Sober?

Alcohol and drug addiction do not happen overnight – it takes a while for the mind and body to become dependent on these chemical substances. By the time many people realise they have a problem, they are already fully addicted and unable to quit.

It may be the case that some individuals do not even realise they have a problem until someone they love expresses concern. They may be living in denial and think that their problem is not that serious. They may never have tried to quit and, therefore, have no clue that they probably couldn’t even if they wanted to.

Making the Decision to Quit

It is a big step to ask for help for a drug or alcohol addiction. Those suffering from addiction need to be ready to make a change in their lives, and no amount of begging or pleading from loved ones will convince them to stop if they are not ready.

In many instances, an alcoholic or drug addict will only quit if and when they have faced a life-threatening situation or are given an ultimatum by a loved one.

Are You Ready for Sober Living?

If you have been relying on drugs or alcohol for a long time, you may be fearful at the thought of quitting and living a sober life. Many addicts do not get the help they need because they are afraid of what sober life means for them. They have been leaning on drugs or alcohol for so long that they fear they cannot cope without these substances.

Many have heard that giving them up will be painful. Some are afraid that sober living will be boring or that they will not know how to interact with others without the confidence that drugs or alcohol gives them. Although they are suffering because of their addiction, they may take comfort from it too because it is familiar to them. It is the unknown that scares them.

Think of the Benefits

It is important to remember how terrible life is now because of addiction. You may be unable to appreciate family and friends because of your need for drugs or alcohol. Your relationships are bound to have been damaged and you may be having financial trouble too. These are common consequences of addiction.

Now imagine your life without drugs or alcohol. Picture never having another hangover or nasty comedown. Think about the fun you could be having with your children or goals you had in the past that you never achieved because of your addiction.

Think of your health and how it will improve if you get sober. Even if you do not have any pressing medical concerns at the moment, you can be sure your abuse of drugs or alcohol is having a detrimental effect on your health. These substances have been linked to many serious health issues, and if you continue with your addictive behaviour, you will be putting your life at risk.

Speak to a Professional

It is a good idea to get some addiction advice at this stage to find out what lies ahead. An experienced counsellor or therapist can put your mind at rest regarding what recovery will be like. He or she will be able to answer any questions you have and will provide you with information relating to the treatments you may be given.

If you know what life in recovery is likely to be like, then you are more liable to lose your fears. Here at Addiction Helper, we have professional and compassionate staff who would be more than happy to talk to you and help you begin your journey of recovery. There is no obligation; you can simply talk or you can proceed with your rehabilitation and access our free assessment and referral service if you feel you are ready for the next step. Call us today for more information.

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