Can You Have Fun Without Drugs or Alcohol?

If you have been using drugs or alcohol for a long time, then these substances have probably been a big part of your life; it is likely that they have played a significant role in socialising. Now that you are in recovery, you are probably wondering whether you can ever have fun without them. Addiction advice on recovery such as the suggested below will help you out.

The reality is that it is possible to have a good time without alcohol and drugs; the great news is that you will no longer have to worry about hangovers, blackouts, shaking, cold sweats, and the fear that you have done something inappropriate while intoxicated.

Be Patient

It may not seem as though you will be able to have fun again, especially in the early days of recovery. Once you get stronger, though, you will learn how to enjoy sober socialising. Many recovering addicts find that their lives are so much better when in recovery. They can really appreciate what life has to offer, without substances such as drugs or alcohol clouding their judgement. Do you honestly think that individuals who have never used drugs or never drank alcohol cannot have fun?

Concentrate on Your Recovery

The most important consideration in the early days is staying sober. You will have plenty of time for fun once you are strong and are no longer struggling with cravings every day. If you are attending an AA or NA meeting, then you may have noticed that a lot of the people there have a great social life. These individuals are like you but maybe a bit further along in their journey. And, like you, they probably spent much of their time at meetings in the early days. Now that they are stronger, they have added other activities to their lives, and you will be able to do this too in time.

Fun Activities

While you were addicted, you probably had no time for anything other than taking drugs or drinking alcohol. You probably had little patience or interest in anything else, so it is understandable if you are assuming you are not going to have fun now that you are no longer drinking or taking drugs.

Nevertheless, the reality is that there are numerous things you can do that are fun but do not involve these harmful substances. Going to the cinema or the theatre can be great fun and does not involve alcohol or drugs. Your concentration will have improved, and you will be able to sit through a two or three-hour film without itching for a drink or fix.

Many recovering addicts take up a new hobby or join a sports club and find that they are good at something they never thought they would be. This could be photography, painting, swimming or playing netball. It could be something as simple as reading – a whole new world opens up when you start reading.

Some people just enjoy getting out in the countryside and walking through the hills. It gives them time to reflect on their life and to look forward to the future.

It is still possible to go to parties or family gatherings without drinking or taking drugs. As long as you make sure the host knows you are not drinking, they should have an alcohol-free alternative available for you. You could always take your own, just to be sure.

The possibilities are endless for you, so you do not need to worry that you cannot have fun without drinking or taking drugs. You will soon find enjoyment in many things that you once thought mundane. Spending time with friends and family over coffee instead of a beer can be thoroughly rewarding. You may even start helping out with new members at your support group.

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