How to Enjoy Your Life in Recovery

Addiction may be something you have struggled with for many years. You may have large periods of your life that are a blur; you might feel happy now that you are in recovery, but also sad that you wasted so many years giving in to drugs or alcohol. However, if you have been sober for some time, you may be feeling pretty good about life, and now is the time to start enjoying it.

If you are someone that has been through rehab and, as a consequence, have been successfully living without chemical substances for some time, you may be starting to feel as though you are now finally free from addiction. It is likely that your mental and physical health are good right now, and you may have your finances and relationships back on track.

Stay Vigilant

Relapse is always a risk for any former addict, though, so it is wise always to remain vigilant to this risk. However, you are probably at the stage where you can start to ease off on the recovery activities and begin to help others who are struggling. Never forget that you are in recovery as this is the best way to avoid a relapse but you can start to enjoy your life now.

Many individuals who have been in recovery for a long time have managed to do so because they have maintained a relationship with a recovery professional. This may be a counsellor, therapist or sober companion. It is good to know that you have someone to turn to should you ever need to.

A large number of people will continue to attend support group meetings for the rest of their lives. They may only attend one per week or one per month but, by doing this, they are able to enjoy life while keeping in mind the fact that they still need to be on their guard about the dangers of relapse. Your continued attendance will not only help you, but it will also help others in the early stages of recovery. Showing these others how far you have come can be motivational and inspirational to them, and you may even be asked by other members about the possibility of becoming a sponsor. This is something you might enjoy, so give it careful consideration.

Enjoy Sober Living

You have been living a sober life for some time now, and you may have been so focused on staying sober that you have not learned how to enjoy being sober. Start to enjoy your relationships and make a point of nurturing them to their fullest.

Enjoy recreational activities with your family and friends and start thinking about new challenges and hobbies. Work hard to ensure that your children do not follow the same path that you did by teaching them the benefits of living a sober life. Show them the fun you can all have without drugs and alcohol.

Focus on Your Health

While your physical and mental health may have improved dramatically since you stopped using chemical substances, it is important to continue working hard to stay healthy. Seek addiction advice for recovering addicts, so that you can get help and support no matter where you are. Eating healthy foods will keep your mind and body healthy while regular exercise will also be hugely beneficial. Avoid medication for minor ailments and only take it if the benefits outweigh the risks to your sobriety. Make sure your doctor knows that you are in recovery and that you would prefer to try other methods of pain relief or alternative treatments should you need them.

You have given yourself a second chance at life, and it is unlikely that you would ever want to find yourself under the control of drugs or alcohol again. It is important to remember that you can enjoy living a sober life while remaining vigilant about the risk of relapse.

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