Drinking vs. not drinking: what are the benefits?

When struggling with alcohol often people try to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of drinking. It’s a difficult but necessary part of the road to recovering from addiction. We have weighed up the argument for you. What do you think?

1-1265899593MCoAIs Drinking Worth the Cost?

Alcohol addiction ruins the lives of not only those dependent on the substance, but everyone else in that person’s live. If you are struggling with a drink problem, it can be helpful to look at costs and benefits of drinking and whether is worth it.

What are the benefits of drinking? Do you have a good time when you drink? Does alcohol help you forget about the problems in your life? Does it help you relax?

Weigh up these benefits against those that will come from not drinking. Would relationships improve? Would you have more time and energy? Are you likely to feel fresher mentally and physically?

Drinking vs. not drinking: the costs

Has drinking caused relationship problems? Does it affect your job? Are you feeling depressed or anxious under the influence?

Now compare these costs against not drinking. Would you lose your drinking friends? Will you have to face up to responsibilities? Will you have to find another way of dealing with problems?

Drinking is never worth the cost and, while the road to recovery is a long one, looking closely at the benefits and costs is a great place to start.

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