Drug Addiction">Drug addiction affects both the individual concerned and has implications for the wider society as a whole.As a result of the general increase in instances of drug dependency in the UK, it follows that more and more people are finding that drug abuse has a direct implication on their own lives, even though they may not actually be drug addicts.

Home Office figures show that, in the UK, an astounding $13 billion is dedicated to dealing with the effects of antisocial behaviour and crime and of this, around 90% can be directly linked to drugs.A staggering 46% of people who admitted using drugs also said that they had committed a crime at the same time.The survey also showed that vulnerable groups, like homeless people, those in care and those excluded from schools, constituted 61% of Class A drug users

The effects extend from elderly people who are afraid to leave their homes, because of crime and antisocial behaviour, which is destroying neighbourhoods, to the impact of people that operate machinery or drive cars whilst under the influence.Despite the constant messages on the dangers of driving whilst using drugs there still seems to be a sector of society that is oblivious to the message.

On a personal level, drug dependency can lead directly to financial hardship, unemployment and homelessness.A criminal record and severe health problems can occur as a result of drug use and the addict’s desperate attempts to support their habit.Innocent people also get caught up as victims of crime, injured in accidents or infected during irresponsible sexual encounters.