Crack Cocaine – Are Drug Dealers Targeting You to Use?

Crack cocaine use is up in England and the Government want to know why. A report from the Home Office and Public Health England (PHE), published in March 2019, has highlighted the factors influencing crack use today.

Crack cocaine is more affordable now. It’s easily accessible and drug dealers often compete to deliver fast. There’s less stigma about using the drug, which was once considered dirty by some user groups today. Crack cocaine dealers are also selling drugs more aggressively now – using technology to push drugs, offering ‘deals of the day’ and targeting small towns via county lines operations.

If you’re being targeted to try crack cocaine for the first time, then please get help now. Even a single use of crack cocaine can lead to a very destructive addiction. Equally, if you’re already addicted to crack, there is a way out. You may be sick of the cycles of addiction but you don’t know how to change.

Our message to anyone suffering from crack cocaine addiction is simple – with the right addiction treatment and support, you can recover. Please get in touch with Addiction Helper. Alternatively, you can ask a relative or friend to call us on your behalf. Life doesn’t have to be the way it is now. There is hope.

New Crack Cocaine Users – Drug Dealers Targeting Professionals, Students and Clubbers

The PHE and Home Office report points to a ‘hidden cohort’ of crack cocaine users, who are not yet engaging with addiction treatment services. Professionals, students and clubbers are now trying crack cocaine, viewing it as more acceptable or fashionable to use.

Is this you? Have you been using crack cocaine at parties? Has it been introduced to you as ‘smokable cocaine’ or a harmless high? You may have been told that crack cocaine isn’t as serious as heroin. Perhaps it feels okay to smoke crack cocaine at the weekends, as long as it doesn’t affect your work or studies.

The truth is that crack cocaine is a highly addictive drug. It’s between 75% and 100% stronger than powder cocaine. The high is intense but the euphoria only lasts around 10-15 minutes. This often leads to powerful cravings to use more. To read the full facts, please visit our crack cocaine addiction and abuse webpage.

If you want confidential help with crack cocaine addiction, the Addiction Helper team is available every day of the year to discuss treatment options. We arrange interventions, counselling, detox and rehab for people across the country – with fast admissions when our clients require urgent treatment.

Aggressive Marketing of Crack Cocaine to Existing Drug Users

The investigation by PHE and Home Office officials has also uncovered many tactics being used by drug dealers, to increase their crack cocaine sales amongst heroin users.

Drug dealers are offering free samples of crack cocaine when people buy heroin. Greater competition between dealers has led to pushier tactics – including 3-for-2 offers in some areas.

Dealers also collect mobile phone numbers of local heroin and crack users. Some offer free drugs to people who give them phone numbers for other addicts they know. Dealers are sending out blanket text messages, to entice addicts to buy more drugs including crack.

In areas where many drug dealers are competing, some are also offering credit or ‘tick’. Addicts then become at risk of violence, if they can’t pay off their drug debts.

Whatever your situation, the Addiction Helper team can connect you with the most affordable and effective addiction treatment services, including residential detox and rehab.

If you cannot afford private addiction treatment, there are statutory substance misuse services. If you’re addicted, you have a right to access them. You can be referred by your GP or you can self-refer to most community drug and alcohol teams. There are also free drug and alcohol support groups in most towns and cities in the country – including Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

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