Home Office figures show that the UK has the highest level of drug use in Europe and the second highest number of drug related deaths.According to these studies, there has been a major increase in the number of drug related offences in the last 15 years.Figures show that the amount of Class A drugs seized has fallen dramatically and that the cost of the drugs has also fallen to a more affordable level

During the 1980’s the government ran an anti-drugs campaign with the slogan ‘Just Say No!’It seems, however, that the UK population has not taken this message seriously.In subsequent years the abuse of drugs has increased, along with drug related crime, which the Home Office estimates now costs well over £13 billion per year

Figures suggest that more than a third of the population have tried drugs in their lifetime, although most do not become addicted and abuse them.Britain’s binge mentality, regarding alcohol, has spilled over into the abuse of drugs and contributed to the highest levels seen in Europe

Although government’s figures show that despite the high level of Drug Addiction">drug addiction and abuse in the UK it is not increasing at a disturbing rate.In fact, figures show that drug taking in the UK is stable and not escalating out of control.Surveys report difficulty in obtaining accurate information on drug use, as correlating figures is difficult, thanks to the lifestyle of many drug abusers.