How Drug Addiction Can Damage the Body

A woman that became addicted to Ketamine has spoken of how she may not be able to have any more children and of how the addiction resulted in the loss of her bladder. Although she has been free of addiction for a year-and-a-half, the damage was already done by the time she gave up. It was the discovery that she was pregnant that gave her the motivation to stop using but, by that stage, her body had already been permanently damaged.

Sophie appears on the new TV programme Jodie Marsh on…Drugs, which will be shown on the TLC channel. She says, “I used to wee all the time and it burnt, it hurt, it stung. Then about a year afterwards I started passing blood.”

She also told of how she thinks she began passing pieces of her bladder and describes it as ‘your wee turns to jelly, like clumps.’


Sophie started taking drugs when she was just thirteen years old and, like many teenagers, started out by taking cannabis. However, by the time she was sixteen, she was snorting Ketamine. At the time, Ketamine was a legal drug but it is now classed as an illegal Class B drug.

During the show, Sophie told Jodie that the first time she got high she thought her house was on fire and that it was a bad experience. Jodie asks why she decided to take drugs again, and she replied by saying, “Because it was different, I liked the feeling. In the morning, it was the first thing I thought about, to make me feel I could get through my day.”

Family Heartache

Sophie says that the reason she turned to drugs in the first place was to help her cope with the breakdown of her family life; her parents split when she was thirteen, and she had to live with her gran. She says she did not see a lot of her mum, and she experienced abandonment issues.

Her addiction became so bad that, at one point, she was spending £300 every week on drugs.

Damage to Her Body

Sophie says she is hoping that her bladder can be reconstructed but if not, she will have to live with a catheter for the rest of her life. She has also been told that she may never have another child because doctors cannot be sure they can save her womb.

Jodie asks if she is scared she might start using again, but Sophie told her that she knew she would lose everything if she did, which is the reason she must stay away from drugs.

Legal Highs

During the programme, Jodie focused on the dangers of legal highs and revealed that young people are the biggest users of these substances. She said that the reason many young people use them is because they are under the impression that these are safe because they are ‘legal’. However, around two hundred people in the UK die each year from using legal highs.

Help for Addiction

More and more people are using legal highs today because of their easy accessibility; in many cases, these are cheaper than illegal drugs as well. Another problem is the fact that manufacturers are creating legal highs to mimic illegal substances such as heroin and cannabis.

Thankfully, there is help available for legal high drug addiction in the same way that there is support for other types of addiction. Addiction Helper is a referral service working with clients with all kinds of addiction. We help by providing advice and support, as well as free referrals to treatment providers all over the UK. If you require any more information or you would like a free assessment and referral, call us today.


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