Drug Addict Dad Given Second Chance to Turn Life Around

Addiction is a destructive illness that affects a huge number of people throughout the UK. It can rob a person of his or her ability to make good decisions and can cause the breakdown of relationships with family members, friends and colleagues. Many of those affected by addiction will lose their family, home and job, and will be left with nothing but their need for the substance to which they are addicted.

However, addiction does not always have to result in a person losing everything they once held dear. There is help available for addiction, and many addicts have beaten their addiction and come out the other side to live happy and fulfilled lives.

Family Illness

Addiction is called a family illness because it affects everyone who is close to the addict. When addiction takes control of a person’s life, it often becomes the most important thing to that particular individual. He or she will begin to neglect relationships with family and may be unable to work, therefore plunging the family into financial hardship. It is difficult for family members to see their loved one struggling with addiction and they may have to deal with broken promises, lies and cheating. Addiction inevitably takes its toll on the entire family.

Second Chance

A family man has been given a second chance by a judge who told him that if he does not stay away from drugs, he will risk being imprisoned and disappointing his family in the process. A raid on a gym found amphetamine in Steve Whitehurst’s bag and, when his mobile phone was analysed, it was discovered that he was involved in supplying the drug.

Whitehurst had a previous conviction for drugs but despite pleading guilty to possession of amphetamine with intent to supply, he was spared jail and told to turn his life around. He had been trying to get his life back on track by seeking help for addiction and had been offered a job.

His defence lawyer said that after difficulties with his partner, he had found himself homeless having previously suffered from anxiety and depression. It was these factors that led to the offence.

Nevertheless, he is now back with his partner and seeking help for his Drug Addiction">drug addiction.


Judge Sally Hancox warned Whitehurst that his actions were causing damage to his health and his family, and said, “For a man of your age and maturity, who has known for most of his life that his heart is not in the best health, to take a substance that speeds up the heart shows the pathetic nature you have to satisfy your addiction.”

She gave him a suspended ten-month prison sentence and warned him to get his life in order.

Addiction Help

Steve Whitehurst is not the first person to turn to drugs in times of crisis. Nonetheless, he has now been given a second chance, and it is up to him to take it.

If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, the good news is that help is available. There are many organisations in the public and private sectors providing effective treatments for all types of addiction.

Addiction Helper is here to help clients access the treatments they need to get better. We have a huge database of up-to-date treatments and can access a network of treatment providers throughout the country and beyond.

Our team of counsellors, therapists and support staff will assess your situation and will provide you with the information and advice you need to take the next step in your journey. We will make a recommendation based on your individual needs and circumstances to ensure that you are referred to the most suitable treatment provider. Call us today for more information on how we can help you.

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