Man Rescued from Crack Cocaine Factory

All too frequently, those suffering a cocaine addiction end up in massive amounts of debt to dealers of the drug. For Abdul Aziz from Bradford, his debt to his dealer led to him being trapped inside a crack cocaine factory, seriously ill and unable to escape.

An Unlikely Cocaine Addiction Sufferer

Abdul Aziz, a thirty-year-old from Girlington in Bradford, was a university graduate who was in training with a major construction company to become a chartered surveyor when his life began to go badly wrong in 2014. He was attacked, completely unprovoked, and slashed in the face by an unknown assailant who was never caught. The attack resulted in a wound that required seventy-six stitches and left him with a permanent scar down the centre of his face. As a consequence of the trauma, Aziz was also left with serious psychological issues. Unfortunately, he turned to drugs to help him cope with his problems, and within a short space of time was seriously addicted to cocaine.

With his cocaine addiction growing, the debts to his dealers increased, until he owed them £2000, which he was unable to pay back. His dealers’ solution to this was to put him to work for them.

Locked in With Unlimited Drugs

Despite knowing that Aziz was suffering from a cocaine addiction, the dealers he owed money to put him to work making crack cocaine. He was locked into the flat in Bingley, a small town just north of Bradford, and forced to wash cocaine in preparation for conversion to crack cocaine.

In return, his debt was to be written off, and he could help himself to as much of the cocaine as he wanted – a terrible temptation for a cocaine addict.

Police Broke in To Save Him

Aziz became seriously ill while working in the crack cocaine factory. He was eventually freed when police broke into the flat when someone was overheard shouting for an ambulance.

On entering the property, police found a carrier bag containing cocaine worth almost ten thousand pounds, and a further stash of high purity cocaine stored in the fridge, which was worth over fifteen thousand pounds. They also found thirty-five thousand pounds in cash. Aziz had clearly been very much trusted by his ’employers’, or they knew he would be unable to leave.

Admission of Guilt

Aziz was arrested by the police who broke in to rescue him and charged with possession with intent to supply of cocaine and crack cocaine, and production of crack cocaine. He was also charged with possession of the money found as it was criminal property.

Luckily for him, though, the judge was sympathetic to the circumstances surrounding his arrest. His barrister, Andrew Dallas, provided character statements in his favour from both family members, and a boxing gym which he had attended. He was sentenced to two years in jail, but his sentence was suspended for two years. He was also given a six-month curfew, a requirement to engage in rehabilitation, and two hundred and forty hours of community service.

In sentencing, the judge recognised that Aziz had admitted his guilt from the moment he was arrested and that the nature of his arrest, with the police having to break into the locked flat to rescue him, showed the unusual situation he had been placed in. He also noted that Aziz had only turned to cocaine after his traumatic attack, which had been unprovoked and not linked in any way to drugs. In addition, since his arrest, Aziz had, of his own volition, attended rehab for his cocaine addiction, and reports from the probation service stated that he was at a very low risk of offending again.

A Tragic Tale

Abdul Aziz’s barrister described his story as ‘a tragic tale of a sorry decline’, which indeed it was. After turning to drugs to try and cope with the severe trauma he had experienced, Aziz found himself in an increasingly difficult situation. For many cocaine addicts, there will be a similar tale to tell, as this highly addictive drug can develop a strong grip on anyone who uses it, even after a single use.

If You Need Help

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Source: ‘Screaming’ cocaine addict rescued by police after he helped himself to drug at Bingley crack factory (The Telegraph and Argus)

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