A Life Destroyed by Drug Addiction

An addiction to drugs is a destructive force that affects not only those who suffer with it but their families and friends as well. It very often becomes the case that strangers are also be affected insofar as when a drug addiction becomes so bad the addict turns to a life of crime in order to fund his/her drug habit. Obviously, this does not happen with all addicts but, when it does, it has devastating consequences for all around them.

Take the case of Michael Dwyer, a career criminal who blamed his offences on his addiction to drugs. The 31-year-old was given a number of ‘last chances’ by judges in order to get his life straightened out but could not kick the habit. He has now been sent to jail for two years in relation to almost 180 convictions. He was also given a twelve-month community order and he is required to attend drug rehabilitation. It was only his willingness to accept help for his addiction that spared him the third year behind bars.

Dwyer is a father of two; these two children will now have to live with the knowledge that their father is not only a drug addict, but is also behind bars for a number of crimes. However, hopefully he will now get the help he needs to kick his habit and can learn from this experience. His life up to this point has been controlled by his addiction to drugs but, if he gets help while behind bars, he could begin a new life with his family once his sentence has been completed.

How the Family Is Affected

Those who live with addicts often spend their time worrying about their loved one and trying everything in their power to get them the help they so desperately need. Not all addicts will resort to a life of crime but they may steal from their loved ones to fund their habit, which can cause distress and worry.

Children of addicts will find life difficult as addicted individuals rarely think of anything except their next fix. Their illness causes them to avoid all responsibility and it can lead to aggressive behaviour and mood swings.

Addicts will often suffer with depression and anxiety, but these are conditions that also affect family members as they try to cope with life with an addict.

What Can Family Members Do?

Family members trying to cope with an addicted loved one will often not know where to go for help or advice. However, they will be pleased to know that websites such as Addiction Helper are the best place to start. We are an addiction help service that has been set up by people in recovery. We know what works and we know where the best options for treatment are depending on individual circumstances. We are here to help others in similar situations; having been through this ourselves, we believe we are the perfect people to offer confidential advice and support

What Will We Do?

We will ensure that we listen to addicts and family members and will advise them on the best treatment options available. We will take the time to assess each situation and will then advise on a number of options to suit your requirements as well as your budget. We will work with you to find a treatment option that you can afford. We have contacts with a host of rehabilitation clinics all over the UK and in other parts of the world. Our trained addiction treatment therapists and counsellors are here to help, so call us today.


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