There are a number of ways in which a heroin addict can effectively treat their addiction.One is through the very organised and supportive method of rehabilitation. Heroin addiction rehab clinics have a strong network of support staff and qualified doctors who are best able to analyse the addict’s needs and demeanour and so prescribe the most effect course of action.

The courses of treatment available through a rehabilitation clinic are:


A synthetic opiate that alleviates the effects of heroin, it helps suppress the withdrawal symptoms and has been proven to be one of the most successful methods.Other pharmaceutical approaches include buprenorphine and LAAM, along with behavioural therapies, are also prescribed.The use of LAAM to aid addicts, gives support over a 72-hour period, while methadone’s is required every 24 hours, as opposed to the four to six hours euphoria heroin provides.

Rapid Detoxification

This is the process by which an addict cleans out their system of heroin while taking sedatives to help relive any withdrawal symptoms.To be a complete success, detoxification should be recommended as part of a residential or outpatient programme and requires comprehensive support and monitoring to ensure good results.

Behavioural therapies

There are a number of behavioural treatments, which have proven that when used in conjunction with pharmaceutical treatments are very successful.Two of the most common are contingency management and cognitive behavioural intervention.Contingency management employs a reward scheme, where negative drug tests result in the award of vouchers and prizes.Cognitive intervention helps to modify and inform patients of the consequences of choice and reinforces positive, realistic expectations.