Quick and painless Heroin detox…is there such a thing?

Quick and painless Heroin detox…is there such a thing?

If you are addicted to Heroin, you will only be too aware that detoxing from heroin can be a very uncomfortable process. The temptation is to look for a pain free and quick detox, but does this actually exist, and if it does what are the long term considerations.

I believe that everyone is entitled to make their own choices and decisions, and who am I to say there is a right or wrong way to get clean. But based on my experiences of working within the drug and alcohol treatment industry for the past 3 years, I have to say that in my opinion there is no such thing as a quick fix for any addiction, including heroin addiction. If the problem was the actual substance then these so called quick and easy detoxes would work, but addiction resides in the persons mind, and the substance is not the problem but is a symptom of a much deeper and complex condition.

I have seen certain detox clinics advertise a pain free 5 day detox from Heroin. To any Heroin addict wanting to get clean, I can understand the undeniable appeal of this. But what is the reality? The reality is that I have dealt with many clients that have relapsed off the back of receiving treatment from one of these clinics, who are baffled as to why it didn’t work and give them the long term recovery that they sought. The answer is quite simple, aside from removing the substance from their body, nothing has changed.

For anyone to stand a chance of long term permanent recovery, a profound alteration in the individuals thinking and reaction to life has to have taken place. This is usually achieved through intensive therapy, designed to change the addicts mind set. Part of the first step into recovery is truly understanding that you cannot control the substance that you are addicted to, isn’t being detoxed under sedation still trying in a sense to assert control? Actually going through a detox and being aware of the bodily changes you are going through, gives a deeper understanding of the power of addiction. The individual is likely to exert much more effort into staying clean if they feel the consequences of a detox. Also no matter how quickly a detox off heroin professes to be, it takes the body a long time to return to feeling normal. It is likely that you will still feel fluey, achy and irritable for weeks to come.

Please don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not a sadist and am not promoting cold turkey, as there is a happy medium. The detox off Heroin can be aided with a substitute medication to lessen the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and make it more bearable. Combine this with intensive therapy that addresses the issues under pinning the addiction and you have a good chance of achieving a long term recovery.


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