Macauley Culkin moves in with Pete Doherty

This could be a disaster just waiting to happen – former child-star Macauley Culkin has moved in with singer, actor and Kate Moss’ ex, Pete Doherty. Both have ongoing problems with heroin addiction – so Culkin’s decision to move to Paris to live a “bohemian lifestyle” with the controversial ex-Libertines frontman spells trouble. Doherty was most recently thrown out of rehab in thailand just last year. His “disruptive” influence on other patients was deemed to be harming their chances of recovery, so he was asked to leave the 7k a month Cabin rehabilitation centre.

The unlikely duo became friends after they appeared in the drug influenced film”The Wrong Ferrari,” a couple of years ago. Since then, the troubled twosome has forged an unlikely friendship. It’s not totally surprising – both have chequered pasts, have drug issues and have both fallen victim to the pressures of fame. Both have suffered from falls from grace in the public eye so they do seem to have more in common than you might first think.

Pete Doherty moves in with Macauley Culkin

Pete Doherty

It’s unlikely that this flat share is likely to do anything to help increase their chances of recovery. Unless the both truly had the desire to get clean, their destructive behaviours are likely to influence the other and could possibly lead to disastrous consequences. Maybe they do intend to help support each other to get clean from drugs but given a statement made by Culkin – which he intends to live a bohemian lifestyle-it’s unlikely that this is the case.

It seems inevitable that unless the pair are to give up drugs then this is anything but a match made in heaven. You’ve got to feel for the landlord of the property too, Doherty has a history of leaving properties trashed covered in cat faeces and scrawls on the wall in his own blood. Drug addicts often let their living standards slip as they become consumed by the drug along with standards of personal appearance and hygiene. Both Doherty and Culkin were fresh-faced, rising stars-now they look older than their years as the drugs have ravaged their bodies.Macauley Culkin moves in with Pete Doherty

No doubt will be hearing a lot more about them in the news in the near future. Hopefully it will be good news and that the pair has decided to seek help to try and beat their addictions. Sadly, history shows that this is pretty unlikely and can only hope the next time they hit the front pages that it is not our tragic story forced by the impact of their drug use.

Far from glamorising drug use, the story of Culkin and Doherty is one that should act as a warning about how damaging drugs can be. Far from the stellar careers they may have had had they not fallen victim to addiction and drugs, they struggle to be taken seriously in their respective careers.



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