Heroin use is once again on the rise in the UK according to official government statistics. After years of decline, a surge in product availability and a reduction in price are making this illicit drug more attractive to addicts of all ages and social classes. One of the only drugs seeing better ‘sales’ right now is cocaine.

The rise in heroin use undoubtedly means more heroin addicts looking for rehab as well. The good news is that there are plenty of private rehab clinics across Britain and beyond offering comprehensive and successful heroin rehab. Finding one of those clinics for yourself or a loved one is where we come in.

If you were to search all of the available treatment options on your own, you could wind up spending weeks or months doing so. We take the frustration and time consumption out of it by doing the research for you. The only thing required of you to get the heroin rehab treatment you are looking for is to call us or send an e-mail. We will take it from there.

We Focus on Individual Treatment

You should know that we believe in the principle of customised, bespoke treatment plans. We further believe that heroin addiction rehabilitation is an individual process with each case being different from the rest. Every addict we work with is a unique person with his own circumstances and individual needs. We always bear that in mind when helping to develop a heroin rehabilitation treatment programme.

What do we consider when advising on treatment options? First, we consider that each individual is composed of body, mind, and spirit. Any treatment options we recommend need to account for the whole person in this regard. After that, we also take into account:

  • family history
  • addiction history
  • financial resources
  • current relationships.

Our focus on individual treatment must be accompanied by the client’s focus on throwing off heroin dependency once and for all. In order for the addict to return to a full and productive life, he or she will need the strength and fortitude to commit to both a healthy body and mind.

Detox and Rehab

Permanent victory over a heroin habit requires two things: detox and rehab. Heroin detox is tackled first, in order to break the physical dependence on heroin. Sometimes medication might be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms and alleviate some of the danger the detox process can pose. Whether or not medication is necessary will be left up to the medical staff overseeing detox.

The rehab process is initiated once detox has been completed. Rehab consists of several different forms of behavioural therapies, including group counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and psychotherapeutic treatments conducted by trained specialists.

Because we do not believe there is a single treatment that works for everyone, it is not possible for us to say which types of behavioural therapies an individual addict will undergo. Again, those decisions are left to the therapist assigned to the client’s treatment. Rest assured that whatever customised treatment plan they come up with would be uniquely geared to the needs of the individual.

The 12-Step Programme

Most of the clinics we work with employ the classic 12-step programme or some variation of it. Alcoholics Anonymous originally developed the programme in the 1930s. It worked so well for alcoholics that several other organisations in America asked permission to use it.

In the decades that followed, the 12-step programme became the standard for treating all sorts of alcohol and drug addictions. It remains the standard today because of its proven effectiveness. Any heroin rehab clinic you or a loved one enter will likely use some form of the programme.

The key to the 12-step programme is that it requires participants to take ‘ownership’ of their addictions. In other words, it does not allow the addict to blame other people or external circumstances for his or her behaviour. That’s a very difficult thing for addicts to understand because of the way drugs and alcohol alter the thinking.

For example, it is quite common for an addict to blame something external, like financial problems or a broken relationship, for his or her heroin addiction. They may also believe that heroin is the only thing helping them cope with those external problems. What they cannot grasp is that their heroin addiction is the root of their problems, not the result of them. The 12-step programme is designed to reverse that thinking.

We Recommend Private Treatment

Unfortunately, it is becoming more common in the UK for the NHS to refer heroin and cocaine addicts to a methadone clinic as a long-term treatment. Why is this unfortunate? Because long-term methadone use is not really a cure to addiction. It is simply substituting one drug for another. We would caution against this approach.

We believe the better approach is to utilise residential or outpatient treatment offered by a private rehab clinic. A private clinic is in a better position to help you achieve long-term abstinence because the constraints present in the NHS environment are not present in a private clinic. At a private clinic your long-term recovery is the number one goal; they are not satisfied with simply putting you on methadone.

Rehabilitation from heroin addiction is a long and ongoing process that takes time and effort. You did not become addicted to heroin overnight; you will not break your addiction overnight. For some people it can take months or years of support, following detox and rehab, before they are confident they have finally overcome.

In your case, there is no way to know until you commit to trying. You may be one of those individuals who achieve complete and total victory in just 3 to 6 months. Alternatively, you might be someone who requires extra support for years into the future. Nevertheless, in either case, you can overcome heroin addiction with the proper help.

Call us so we can connect you with the help you need. Every day you keep putting it off is another day lost to the evils of heroin. It’s another day you are not enjoying the rich and full life you deserve.