More UK Children Admitted to A&E for Drinking Alcohol

Is_alcohol_affecting_your_sex_life-Navigation_modulePublic Health England says one in four underage drinkers consume the equivalent of seven pints of lager a week

BBC Radio 5 Live survey finds 300 children 11 and under admitted to A and E units after drinking too much alcohol.

Today’s news on underage drinking receives widespread coverage across the UK prompts a call from Matt Taylor, the Managing Director of ScreenSafe*, for more education about the dangers of alcohol to be brought into schools.

“The World Health Organisation tells us that every year, the harmful use of alcohol kills 2.5 million people, including 320,000 young people between 15 and 29 years of age. It is the third leading risk factor for poor health globally.” Mr Taylor says. “The news today from the BBC that 11 year olds and younger are being treated for alcohol abuse is a warning flag to all parents and schools. If they are not already doing so, schools must introduce specialist education programmes designed for children that engage them and help make them aware of the risks of drinking alcohol.”

“We will work with schools to help them bring greater awareness of the issues of alcohol abuse. It increasingly appears that the earlier a formal and ongoing education process begins in the school, the more likely we can assist young people to make the right choices to help avoid abuse issues before they begin.” Mr Taylor concludes.

Courtesy of Press Association 

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