There are times when female addicts would do much better in a recovery setting confined only to other females. In these types of situations, women might be in need of specified treatment that cannot be accomplished in an integrated environment. For them, female-only addiction rehab is the best option.

The good news is that there are a number of female only clinics in and around the UK. These alcohol and drug clinics specialise in helping women in relation to their unique needs as drug and alcohol addicts. We can help you find a female only clinic if that is the best option for you or your loved one.

Our first priority is to make sure you get the help you need. That’s why we make it our business to stay abreast of all of the programmes and clinics in the UK, as well as what each one offers. When you get in touch with our organisation, your road to recovery can begin almost immediately.

Reasons for Female Only Rehab

A number of legitimate reasons exist for establishing female only rehab opportunities. The most common are centred on issues of spousal or partner abuse. Far too often female alcohol and drug addicts find themselves abused at the hands of others. These types of women do much better in segregated environments.

A female only rehab centre offers:

  • Female Staff – There may be trust issues with addicted women where males are concerned. By providing female staff, women are better served because the trust issue is taken out of the way. Staff members are able to get to the heart of addiction issues without the additional stress of a lack of trust. Trust issues can be dealt with later on.

  • Safety – When female drug and alcohol abusers suffer at the hands of male partners, fears of personal safety are also part of the equation. A female only facility offers that place of safety women are looking for. They may not enjoy that same sense of safety at an integrated clinic.

  • Help for Children – Women who enter drug or alcohol rehab may have children also needing care. Although the kids themselves will not be admitted to the rehab facility, they can be offered help via outpatient family counselling. A female only clinic tends to be better suited to this sort of family support.

  • Specific Therapy – It goes without saying that women respond to some therapies better than men, and vice versa. A female only rehab clinic can offer those therapies better suited to the female clients, making recovery quicker and more thorough.

Breaking the Addiction Lifestyle

It is important to understand that the female only rehab centre is not merely a marketing gimmick intended to bring new ‘customers’ through the door. The purpose of segregated rehab is to increase the chances of breaking the addiction lifestyle permanently. Such should be the number one goal of any rehab facility.

To that end, breaking the addiction lifestyle needs to be the number one focus of clients before entering a female only programme. If long-term, permanent abstinence is not what a woman wants to achieve, she is likely wasting her time in residential rehab treatment.

It cannot be stressed enough how important the attitude of the addict is in rehab. A positive and committed attitude is the most powerful force in drug and alcohol recovery. Likewise, a poor attitude is the quickest way to relapse.

Choosing to Get Help

Perhaps you are a woman suffering from alcohol or drug abuse problems and considering whether to get help or not. We would strongly urge you to do so. Getting out of the addiction cycle is possible when you enrol in a residential rehab programme offered by one of the clinics we work with.

If you are worried about the cost of residential treatment, please call us so we can help address your fears. You may find residential treatment to be less expensive than you thought. What’s more, there are different funding options including private health insurance. If there is a way to pay for your private treatment, we will be able to find it.

If it turns out that residential treatment is out of the question, we will not simply dismiss you and wish you a nice day. Instead, we will work with you to take advantage of free rehab or reduced cost programmes offered by charitable organisations, the NHS, and others. Any treatment is better than no treatment at all.

Getting Help for Someone Else

You may be someone visiting our website on behalf of someone else; that’s great. We commend you for your great concern toward your loved one or friend. We want to help you by providing you with all the information you need regarding treatment options. Getting this information will equip you to respond at a moment’s notice, should the opportunity arise.

We also want to encourage you to consider undertaking an intervention on behalf of your loved one or friend. Experts say interventions are very powerful motivational tools when conducted in the right manner. That special female friend or loved one you are thinking of right now might benefit tremendously from an intervention.

If you are comfortable conducting an intervention on your own, we can offer you advice on how to do it. If not, we can get you in touch with professionals who will be more than willing to help you every step of the way. Hopefully your intervention will produce a decision in the mind of your loved one or friend to seek help.

Female only rehab exists to assist women across the UK in overcoming both drug and alcohol addiction. We urge you to consider contacting us right away if you, or someone you know, need help. When you do, we promise to walk you through every available treatment option, explain pricing structures, and answer every question you might have. We will even help you make admission arrangements when you are ready.

Your road to recovery begins today. Pick up the phone and call us right now.