Alcoholics Anonymous

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous, also known as AA, is a free self-help and support group. Membership and attendance is free and the only requirement to join is a desire to stop drinking. The membership of Alcoholics Anonymous support and help each other in getting well and recovering from alcoholism, based on the theory that only another alcoholic can aid another alcoholic to recover.

What does Alcoholics Anonymous offer?

They offer the twelve steps program of recovery that has been around for hundreds of years and helped millions to recover from alcoholism. They also offer support, understanding and companionship so that you no longer feel alone in your battle against alcohol. Alcoholics Anonymous provide meetings held and attended by its own members; anyone who has a desire to stop drinking is welcome to attend these meetings and become involved in the fellowship that is on offer

What happens at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous?

AA Meetings are well organised and follow a format, anyone who is new or attending for the first time are provided with a welcome pack and encouraged to get telephone numbers of other members in the group who can provide support. The usual format is that a selected member who has experience of the program of recovery, shares their story with the rest of the group, the group are then given the opportunity to take it in turns to give any feed-back they wish to share. Most AA meetings last for around one hour, and there is tea and coffee available before and sometimes after also

Is Alcoholics Anonymous full of drunk people?

Absolutely not, whilst of course there will be some that are struggling to get sober or stay sober, or in their early days of attendance, most members are now sober or have made a vast improvement since they started to engage. Alcoholics Anonymous is a safe place, its members work together to ensure that visitors and other members feel comfortable in a meeting.

Does Alcoholics Anonymous work?

Alcoholics Anonymous has a proven track record of its members getting well and staying well, of course there are exceptions and its members may require outside help from professionals in addition for detoxification and psychiatric illnesses, also professional counselling benefits some of its members. But it has been proven that it does work for many, and whether used on its own or in conjunction with professional services, the program of recovery helps millions worldwide to get and stay sober.

Who am I contacting?

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