Private treatment centres are not the only option for treating drug addiction, but they offer the best and quickest way to get help. In fact, you don’t even need to wait until addiction becomes a problem before seeking help. You can get professional treatment for abuse right now – treatment that prevents abuse from ever becoming addiction.

It’s true that the NHS offers many treatment options for drug addicts and abusers. However, there are several weaknesses within these free services:

  • they involve long wait times in most cases

  • treatments tend to be bare minimum

  • privacy is virtually non-existent.

Private drug addiction treatment does not suffer from the same inherent weaknesses. That’s the main reason why they enjoy higher success rate than the services offered by the NHS. It is also why we always recommend private treatment as the first and best option.

Waiting Periods

If you’ve ever tried to gain admission to an NHS programme, you know it is subject to waiting lists. Sometimes it could take weeks, or even months, to get into an outpatient programme. This is time you may not have to wait. The time spent waiting on the NHS is time you could put to productive use through private drug addiction rehab treatment.

To be clear, it’s not that the NHS is not doing its job or doesn’t care about drug addicts. It’s simply a matter of being overwhelmed. The NHS was just not designed to handle drug addiction issues in any capacity. They don’t have the financial resources, the specialised personnel, and the facilities necessary for quality treatment. They do the best they can, even though that’s often not good enough.

Private clinics, on the other hand, have both the resources and personnel to provide immediate and successful care. They are also staffed by doctors, nurses, and support staff that specialise in addiction recovery. The staff are able to fully focus on addiction without having the distraction of other illnesses or medical conditions.

This is an important distinction when you consider how destructive drug addiction can be. Simply put, a treatment programme is most successful the sooner it is implemented. The longer an addict has to wait for services, the more likely it is those services will not be very beneficial. Private care is the best option.

Concentrating Treatment

Another advantage of private treatment is the fact that it is highly concentrated and focused for maximum impact. The idea is to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. Therefore, the programmes at most private rehab centres last from four to 12 weeks, on average. The ineffectiveness of some NHS programmes means treatment and a government facility can continue for years without success.

Concentrated treatment at a private clinic may include a residential programme that involves the addict living at the facility for the duration. A residential programme ensures the individual client is separated from his or her everyday life and those circumstances that enable them to continue addictive behaviour. The peaceful and relaxing atmosphere that often accompanies private rehab facilities makes the entire process easier.

You need to understand that private drug addiction treatment does not always occur in a residential setting. You can participate in outpatient treatments as well. Outpatient treatment involves the recovering addict spending the day at the rehab facility, returning home every evening. Outpatient therapy can be less successful if a client is unable to handle the stress and temptation he/she is exposed to away from the facility.

Safe and Healthy Recovery

Private drug addiction treatment is the best way to recover from addiction in an environment that is both safe and healthy. Where chronic physical dependency is concerned, a private clinic will usually offer medically supervised detox to mitigate the potential dangers of withdrawal. What are those dangers?

Drug addiction creates a certain physical dependence on the chemicals and compounds in the chosen drugs. Those chemicals and compounds can damage tissue as well as alter how some of the body’s systems operate. Withdrawal from them can cause physical reactions resulting in serious injuries or even death. Detox is considered a medical emergency for this reason.

The other thing to consider about safe and healthy recovery comes by way of some of the long-term damage drug addiction can cause. For example, it’s not uncommon for drug addicts to eventually wind up with liver disease, heart problems, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Proper healthcare is required during rehab to make sure any underlying condition doesn’t become life threatening. The private rehab clinic is the best environment to handle these types of issues.

Family Counselling

Make no mistake about it; drug addiction does not harm just the individual taking the drugs. It also harms his/her family as well. Private drug addiction treatment takes that into consideration, offering family counselling and other services designed specifically for spouses and children.

Children are especially vulnerable to psychological and behavioural issues that might result from suffering caused by an addicted parent. The confusion and chaos in the home, as the addicted parents tries unsuccessfully to manage his/her responsibilities, can even lead some children to believe they cannot trust any adults. If the addict becomes so obsessed as to actually neglect his or her children, the consequences can be even more devastating.

A private rehab programme can assist in a couple of ways. First, emergency counselling can hold the family together so it doesn’t completely fall apart during treatment. Second, family members can be taught how to deal with the addict when he or she returns home to not allow them to go back to the behaviour that proved so destructive to the family.

It’s important to note that family members, especially children, often suffer from low self-esteem and a poor self-image, potentially leading to their own addictions later in life. That’s one of the reasons family counselling is so important. The last thing private treatment centres want to see is addictive behaviour repeated in future generations.

Time to Get Help

We have offered you plenty of information regarding private drug addiction treatment. Now it’s time for you to make a choice. There are private clinics all across the UK ready to assist you right now. Furthermore, private treatment is a lot more affordable than you might think. You may already be covered under your current private health insurance plan.

There is no reason to allow drug addiction to continue destroying your health, finances and personal, intimate relationships. Individualised care at a certified and successful private rehab centre can help you take control of your life again. All you need do to get started is get in touch with us. Our services are completely confidential and free to all.