We are glad that you are visiting our website and reading all about private addiction rehab facilities. If you’re concerned about your own potentially addictive behaviour, learning about treatment options is a step in the right direction. It demonstrates that you are only concerned enough to start thinking about getting the help you need.

Perhaps you are here on behalf of a friend or family member. We’re glad you’re visiting, as well. We want you to learn everything you can about treatment options so that you’re ready to help your friend or loved one should the need arise. The more information you have then the better help you’ll be.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, you should know that we are an confidential referral service with the primary task of assisting addicts and their families locate and access appropriate treatment. We work mainly with private rehab facilities around the UK and abroad. That said, we could also provide information and advice regarding services offered by the NHS, various charities, support groups and professional organisations.

You should also know that we usually recommend residential treatment at a private clinic as the first and best option. We believe the results achieved by private clinics speak for themselves. If a private clinic is not a good option for you, we are more than happy to explore all of the other possible options. Our first priority is to make sure you get the help you or your loved one needs, regardless of who provides it.

Public or Private Addiction Rehab

It helps to know the difference between public and private services to understand why we make the recommendations we do. Understanding the differences is key to deciding which type of treatment is best for you. We’ll start by talking about public options.

Public treatment options are available to all who need them, regardless of the ability to pay. They are made available through organisations like:

  • the NHS

  • local support groups

  • secular charities

  • religious charities.

The most important thing to understand about public options is that they are generally free of charge. And while that may be a good thing if you have a limited budget, free rehab services are also those most utilised by those in need. As a result, these public services are often overburdened with more clients than they can realistically assist.

If you’ve ever attempted to enrol in an NHS programme, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Most NHS programmes are oversubscribed to the point of putting people on long waiting list. While you’re waiting, you are expected to get help from a support group or counsellor.

Private treatment is completely different. Private rehab clinics are run more efficiently and with a focus only on addiction recovery. That means they’re able to focus all of their resources in that one area. They are not being stretched too thin by other needs.

You’ll be pleased to know that private rehab facilities can usually arrange admission within 24 hours of application. There is no waiting list most of the time. When a clinic we work with is at maximum capacity, we have others to choose from thanks to extensive list of clinics we maintain relationships with.

Bespoke Treatment Plans

Another reason we tend to recommend private rehab facilities in the availability of bespoke treatment plans. Private clinics are more likely to evaluate each client separately, and then develop an individualised plan for recovery. That plan is followed throughout the duration of the treatment. The same is not necessarily true for publicly supplied services.

Using the NHS as an example again, they tend to adopt a singular approach they apply to every client. They treat far too many individuals to spend time developing bespoke treatment plans. However, here’s the problem: what may be helpful for someone else may not be helpful for you. Bespoke treatment plans are so much better because they take into account your individual circumstances.

When a client arrives in one of our facilities, the first step is to conduct an in-depth analysis of that individual’s current addiction, past history, family relationships, finances, and anything else that may be contributing to the addiction cycle. The individual’s physical health is also evaluated. From these evaluations, clinical staff are able to develop a comprehensive and custom tailored recovery plan.

Atmosphere and Surroundings

A third reason for recommending private treatment come by way of the atmosphere and surroundings. The key to understanding this principle can be summed up in one word: separation.

Since the only real cure for addiction is long-term abstinence, the individual must be separated from whatever he or she is abusing in order to recover. Moreover, because treatment at a private facility is usually based on a residential model, separation is achieved when the individual goes to live at treatment facility for up to 12 weeks.

Being separated from one’s circumstances and daily routine allows the addict to fully confront his/her issues without distraction. It also separates them from family members, friends, or any other circumstances that may enable their continued addiction. Separation is the best way to meet addiction problems head-on.

Separation also affords one more benefit by way of location. Perhaps you’ve noticed many of the private clinics in the UK are located in countryside settings with plenty of open spaces. There’s a good reason for this. This type of environment creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere that make dealing with addiction easier. It is a much more conducive environment than the harried and hectic pace found in urban locations.

The Choice Is Yours

If you’re willing to call us regarding treatment options for your addiction, we promise to provide you with all the information necessary to make a wise decision. The choice of which programmes and facilities to take advantage of rests entirely with you. Should you choose one of the private rehab facilities we work with, we could help make admission arrangements and provide for transportation. Should you choose to use publicly provided services, we can match you up with them as well.

Right now, the most important decision you have to make is one of seeking treatment. The process of getting better cannot begin until you make that choice. If you were to enter a rehab programme against your will, there would be a very strong likelihood that you would relapse in the near future. That’s not what you want, is it?

No, we trust you want to be free from addiction once and for all. So make that choice to pick up the phone right now and call us. We promise to treat you with the utmost respect, listen to what you have to say, and help you access the treatment that’s right for you.