Private alcohol rehab clinics offer facilities and programmes for victims of alcohol abuse and addiction. Treatment can be either through a residential, inpatient programme or as part of a group of outpatient services. Ongoing support and aftercare are also available.

You’ll be happy to know that private clinics offer personalised support throughout the entire journey of recovery. From the initial consultation to the completion of aftercare, concerned and professional staff members will look out for your well-being every step of the way. When medical assistance is required, it is provided throughout the course of treatment.

As a referral service, we recommend private treatment for several reasons. First is the fact that bespoke treatment options are the norm. Private clinics tend to shy away from static treatments that do not take into account individual client needs. Bespoke treatment can include:

  • around-the-clock supervision

  • medically supervised detox

  • various counselling therapies

  • group support

  • aftercare support.

You should be aware that detox could include withdrawal symptoms that are quite uncomfortable. In some cases, they could even be life threatening. You should never attempt alcohol detox on your own. It is a medical emergency that requires trained staff that can provide appropriate care. Private clinics offer detox in a safe and reassuring environment.

Basics of Private Treatment

When you enter a residential programme at a private clinic, you can expect therapists and counsellors to be on hand 24 hours a day. During the daytime hours, you will attend various therapies meant to address the reasons for your drinking. These therapies can include everything from one-on-one counselling to life skills education to self-reflection. You may even be asked to keep a private diary as a way of tracking your own progress.

The philosophy behind private treatment is to not only break physical dependence, but also address the underlying causes of addiction. Without addressing these things, the psychological and emotional issues are nearly impossible to conquer. Physical symptoms disappear after a few weeks; psychological and emotional symptoms require much longer treatment. However, keep one thing in mind: you have to want to be successfully treated before anyone can help you.

You must be willing to permanently give up alcohol use for the rest of your life. You must be willing to avoid those situations that make it more likely for you to drink. Remember that the only true cure for alcoholism is permanent abstinence.

Time Away from Addiction

Treatment at a private alcohol rehab clinic is an intense experience designed to separate the drinker from his/her current circumstances. This time away from addiction allows the individual to focus on getting better. This is further enhanced by a therapeutic environment offering around-the-clock care and professional support. The staff of the private alcohol clinic have the experience and dedication to assist every alcoholic undertaking rehabilitation.

The length of your rehabilitation programme will depend on a number of factors, including the clinic you choose and the severity of your circumstances. Most programmes run between 6 and 12 weeks in length. Once again, keep in mind your commitment to sobriety. You may feel as though you have already won the victory by the time you reach the halfway point. Nevertheless, you must see your programme through to the end to maximise your chances of permanent success.

Immediate Help

Alcoholics in need of immediate help usually find private clinics are the quickest route to that help. Of course, there are other free treatment options available through the NHS. However, these programmes are usually oversubscribed. They involve long waiting times in most cases; time that could be better spent in a private rehab programme.

For example, an alcoholic put on an NHS waiting list may decide to engage in binge drinking as a way to get the most from his or her addiction prior to entering treatment. That type of behaviour makes it all that much more difficult to resist the temptations of drinking. It might even lead to him or her changing their mind about treatment. This can all be avoided by seeking private care instead.

Private clinics usually offer admission within 24 hours when bed space is available. The advantage of working with us is the fact that we have access to clinics all over the country. We can likely find you bed space somewhere. If you know you have an alcohol problem then you need to get help straightaway. Only when you undergo treatment does your body and mind have the opportunity to heal itself.

Rehab Clinic Policies

You need to understand that rehab clinics develop their own policies for treatment and client behaviour. The clinic you choose will lay out its policies and procedures in a clear and concise way, making sure you fully understand the care you receive. The best clinics also demonstrate the following:

  • clear policies for engaging clients

  • the ability to provide compassionate care

  • a supportive environment free of distraction

  • a policy of developing bespoke treatment plans

  • the availability of multiple therapies.

Any private alcohol rehab clinics you consider for treatment should be able to present policies and procedures with full transparency. All of the details should be made freely available to you as you seek out your treatment options.

Something for Everyone

The last thing we want you to know about private alcohol rehab clinics is that they offer something for everyone. This is true even if you are operating on a limited budget. Some private clinics are more affordable than you think, and many of them will offer you high quality advice that you can put to use even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend.

The important thing to understand is that every alcoholic is different and, as such, has different treatment needs. We want to help you find the clinic and programme that best suits you. We do so by offering you advice based on your circumstances, knowing that what may help someone else may not help you.

There is no reason for you to be confused about treatment options for alcohol addiction. Let us help you or a loved one get on the road to recovery – a road that leads to a sober, happier, and more productive life.