Paul Gascoigne – 90 days of rehab?


Paul Gascoigne – 90 days of rehab

Paul Gascoigne has been attempting to beat his demons for years and it hoped that a 90 day spell in an Arizona Rehab Clinic will help him win the battle for good.

Fall from Grace

Gascoigne, one of England’s favourite footballer’s has had a chequered past. Formerly a golden boy of sport and an iconic figure, the last16 years have seen him cut, a largely sorry figure, staggering from disaster to disaster. From domestic abuse to hijinks with various celebrities over the years (usually involving drunkenness) many of his celebrity friends have often feared for the seemingly ever declining state of his mental health. Who can forget him turning up the scene of a stand-off between police and an armed fugitive, resplendent with a bucket of chicken, a fishing rod and a pack of beers?

With a little help from friends

It was a group of some of his celebrity friends, led by Piers Morgan who staged an intervention. Never mind the protestations of football’s enfant terrible Joey Barton, who took to twitter to claim that these friends were just “cashing in” on the press interest in the former England player’s downfall.  It seems more likely that Gascoigne’s friends recognised that he had once again hit rock bottom. After seeing footage of him slurring and seeming incoherent, they rallied to gather to pay for detox and rehabilitation treatment.

Staying sober

Residential alcohol rehab will give Paul Gascoigne the chance to be anonymous and be treated like any other patient. Rehab clinics give their more famous guests no preferential treatment. IT will also give him the chance away from an erratic everyday life. There will be no temptations to drink alcohol as it simply won’t be available. 24 hour supervision is mandatory but there will also be someone on hand to talk to at all times should he need it. He’ll also benefit from regular therapy and counselling sessions. Rehabilitation truly begins when the addict has gone through detox to withdraw safely from the physical side of alcohol addiction.  That’s when therapy comes into play. Counselling comes in both group and one to one sessions. Residential rehabilitation helps give the addict, who often feels very alone, other addicts to talk to and often this is a turning point in their recovery as they realise they are not alone. Gascoigne will, being a team player, enjoy the friendship and kinship this close knit group will bring.

Sporting Goods

Physical exercise will also play a big part of Paul Gascoigne’s rehabilitation. Far from being in the tip top condition it was in his glory days as a professional footballer, the ravages of alcohol will have had a devastating effect on Paul’s body. Those who drink to excess regularly run a high risk of developing liver problems, heart and respiratory problems. They may also suffer from weight gain or loss, with Gascoigne himself often appearing to look gaunt and drawn as his body struggles to cope with his addiction.


A new goal

Paul Gascoigne’s recovery will depend much on him finding strength from within and a specially tailored treatment plan from a team of healthcare professionals. Hopefully this time he will quit for good, and lead a happier, healthier life free from addiction. We can help you if you think you have a problem with drinking or drugs, contact us straight away to see how we can help you.

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