With many things available online these days, it makes sense that online rehab should also be a service that can be accessed by those suffering addiction issues. Most people head straight to their computer when they want to find information, make a purchase, or book cinema tickets, but could they also now access addiction services online? Many are wondering if online rehab could actually be an effective way to treat addiction rather than going to an addiction rehab in person.

The good news is that online rehab is, in fact, a new type of service for addiction sufferers, and one that could be used effectively in the recovery process. Although online rehab is not intended for use by itself, it is hoped it will prove to offer effective support as well as being a resource for those attending an inpatient rehabilitation programme or who have just completed one and need additional support when returning to the real world.

There are many ways that this service could be used, including as an accompaniment to a short residential detox programme, an aftercare programme, or for those who do not require a detox programme at all.

The Fundamentals of Online Rehab

A team of psychologists, counsellors, and psychotherapists worked together to create a programme that would help those dealing with addiction issues to overcome their illnesses.

With online rehab programmes, specialist knowledge and experience can be drawn on, with many of those working behind the scenes having already been through recovery journeys of their own. With expertise in the fields of rehabilitation, counselling, anxiety, stress, and addiction, those who need help will find online rehab programmes to be a comprehensive and effective method for beating addiction and related issues.

The primary goal of online rehab programmes is to work alongside other forms of rehabilitation treatment programmes, and they are of particular use to those who are unable to commit to a programme of residential care. With the support provided by such online rehab programmes, those attending outpatient clinics will have that added resource, which can significantly improve their chances of successful long-term recovery.

Will Online Rehab Work?

There are many reasons residential rehabilitation programmes are not feasible for everyone. Some people with addiction issues are unable to be away from their families or work for an extended period, making inpatient treatment impossible. Others just cannot afford private treatment but need to access care and support as soon as possible.
These patients will all benefit from online rehab, which will typically include weekly individual counselling sessions over the internet as well as daily group therapy sessions, again conducted online.

With online rehab programmes, patients are provided with a tailored plan of care, which will be available online. Therapists will work alongside patients so that they have the support they require, as and when they need it. Despite the programme being conducted online, a personal approach is used, with patients able to get in touch with therapists when they need support or advice. The fact that the programme is managed remotely does not affect the quality of care; it just makes it more accessible to a wider audience. Those who are unable to attend an inpatient programme will have added support in their effort to get clean while also dealing with the stresses and temptations found in their everyday lives.

Online Rehab Programmes Explained

Programmes typically run for twenty-eight days, during which time patients receive face-to-face interaction with a therapist via a webcam. Group therapy sessions take place for one hour every day and are run by a fully qualified counsellor or therapist.

Once you enrol in a programme, you will be given a fully comprehensive psychological assessment, which will be conducted by a fully qualified medical professional. This evaluation will provide a clearer picture of your requirements for both yourself and your therapist, and it will be used as the basis for creating a tailored plan of care for you. The psychological report will be completed within a few days and will be sent to you.

Online rehab programmes consist of daily group therapy sessions but also a weekly individual session with a specific counsellor. You can choose whether you would prefer a male or female counsellor.

Counsellors are fully trained and accredited, and many have had personal experience with addiction, making them more aware of the issues that patients are dealing with. They can provide first-hand knowledge and expertise in addiction and the recovery process; many patients find this hugely beneficial.

There is no need to worry about privacy and confidentiality as counselling takes place over the provider’s secure website. And as part of the process, you will be expected to participate in activities that can be downloaded from your individual account. These activities typically include a series of questions that aim to give you an insight into your recovery and how you are progressing. These activities will usually be available for a period of up to twelve months after the programme has finished.

The Advantages of an Online Rehab Programme

Most people assume that the best way to overcome an addiction is with a programme of residential care in a private facility. The reason for this is that inpatient treatment is a concentrated, intensive approach to recovery that allows patients to focus entirely on their recovery without worrying about distractions from the outside world. However, for a variety of reasons, that option is not suitable for everyone.

For those who have work or personal commitments that would otherwise prevent them from entering a residential rehabilitation programme, an online rehab programme could be the ideal alternative. Some individuals choose to complete a twenty-eight-day programme before they enter a residential clinic as an introduction to the process, or they use it to coincide with an outpatient programme as a way to access extra support during recovery.

Online rehab programmes are also a useful aid for those who have completed a programme of rehabilitation but are not yet ready to face the real world alone. It is an effective aftercare programme designed to allow recovering addicts continued access to support on a daily basis for a period of four weeks.

Who Will Benefit from Online Rehab Programmes?

Online rehab programmes have been created as a resource for those struggling with a variety of addictions. Although most people assume that those with addictions must have been abusing alcohol or drugs, the reality is that addiction can be caused by numerous substances and activities including prescription medication, gambling, shopping, pornography, and sex. Regardless of the addiction you are suffering with you will find online rehab programmes to be a beneficial aid to recovery.

Getting Started
Provided you have access to a computer and a webcam you can sign up for an online rehab programme. The first step will be the in-depth assessment carried out by a fully qualified member of staff. This evaluation will incorporate a series of questions regarding your addiction and medical history. The information you provide will form the basis of your personal profile which will then be used when it comes to creating your treatment plan.

During the Programme
Online rehab programmes include daily group sessions that typically take place in the evening. Your first group therapy session should be scheduled for the day following your online assessment and will usually include a total of eight patients all connecting to each other via their webcams. The other patients in your group will tend to have similar needs to yours so that each session will be of benefit to everyone involved.

As well as your daily group therapy sessions, you can expect a weekly one-to-one counselling session where you will have time to discuss your individual recovery progress with your dedicated counsellor. Your weekly sessions will be your chance to discuss any issues that you would prefer to keep private.
Online rehab programmes are the ideal way to benefit from addiction rehabilitation services from the comfort of your home.