New Rehab Clinic Coming to the Midlands

Alcoholics and drug addicts looking for help in Leicester will have another choice when a brand-new rehab clinic opens up in the city at the end of August. The clinic will be occupying space formerly used by the Harley Medical Group in a three-story building in Upper New Walk. The owner of the facility, Perry Clayman, already operates successful clinics in Chelmsford, Clapham, and Luton.

Clayman’s new rehab clinic will be a hybrid of sorts. It is neither a true residential clinic nor an outpatient clinic; rather, it sort of mixes the two together in a way that combines the best of both worlds. According to news sources, patients will attend drug rehab programmes at the clinic during the day then return to group homes where they are supervised for the evening. Though patient restrictions in the group homes are limited, residents will be encouraged to spend as much time together both on-site and off. They will also be encouraged to try to live on a budget of just £80 per week.

While at the rehab centre, patients will undergo a range of psychotherapeutic treatments including one-on-one counselling and 12-step work. Those who need it will be provided medically supervised detox at the start of treatment. Clayman says programmes will run between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on the needs of the individual patient. Prices will also range from £2,800-£8,500.

Clayman expects about 70% of the patients who use the new clinic will be private individuals using medical insurance or their own funds to pay for treatment. He hopes the remaining 30% are referred to his facility by local services. At any rate, he is planning for his beds to be full most of the time. Clayman says about 50% of the calls he currently gets are from the Midlands, so the new Leicester facility should have no problem remaining full.

Giving Back

Perry Clayman is, by all accounts, a genteel and unassuming man who genuinely cares about the clients his clinics serve. And that’s not without reason. He is also a recovering alcoholic himself, so he understands what this is all about. He says one of the things he most enjoys about giving back is the fellowship and camaraderie he sees develop as programme participants spend more time recovering together.

Clayman insists that although most patients pay for rehab themselves, they do not worry about the funding issue while they are in recovery. He says most of the clients his clinics serve are very motivated to get well. Perhaps part of that is knowing that the owner of the clinics was once where they are. They are motivated by his successful recovery and his willingness to give back to those in need.

More Needed

It is an exciting thing to know that another private rehab clinic is opening in England. Truth be told, we need more. Far too many private clinics have closed over the years due to lack of funding and excessive bed space. However, that bed space would surely be filled if private clinics could afford to remain open. Somewhere there has to be a way to bring together government funding and the work being done by private clinics.

In the meantime, Addiction Helper is committed to providing assistance to anyone in need. We have established a 24-hour recovery helpline that you can call for immediate referrals and recovery advice. We work with private clinics and other treatment providers across the UK, offering the proven treatments you need to overcome addiction. If you are ready to put addiction behind you, call our free recovery helpline.

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