Lindsay Lohan advised to extend rehabilitation programme

Normally I am reluctant to write about celebrities going through rehab because I often think their experience is far removed from that of the everyday person struggling to overcome addiction. And to a certain extent the latest from doctor’s treating Lindsay Lohan reinforces what my point of view. Doctors at Cliffside Malibu where she is currently being treated have encouraged her to extend her rehabilitation programme past the court-ordered 90 day programme because celebrities often suffer with “treatment-resistant” addictions due to the belief that they are special and unique from all others.

This is where having a life of privilege causes certain celebrities a disadvantage – they have lived so long being different from everyone else, that to except their addiction is fundamentally the same as that of the everyday person is extremely difficult for them. However, it is true; their behaviours are likely to be the same – they will lie, steal and cheat to satisfy their addiction, and their life will deteriorate the longer they stay on the same destructive path. In a similar vein, they must learn to abide by the rules of recovery if they are ever to become well again. Understanding the nature of addiction is important for anyone suffering from addiction, because understanding is the first step towards recovery.

The problem with encouraging Lindsay Lohan to extend her rehabilitation programme is that there will be numerous people in her camp encouraging her to do otherwise; she is not making money all the time she is in alcohol and drug rehab treatment, and if she is not making money, neither are the people who benefit from her success. I pray that someone in her circle sees the bigger picture, that if she isn’t able to conquer this once and for all, there will be no money to be made anymore because she will no longer be here.


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