John Taylor, Recovery and Group Therapy

Duran Duran Taylor

Member of Duran Duran and 1980’s heart throb John Taylor has spoken about his recovery at the UKSAD conference in May. Taylor has been 18 years sober following rehabilitation in an Arizona clinic for cocaine, sex and alcohol addiction. Last year Taylor released his candid biography ‘In The Pleasure Groove’ which detailed his life in Birmingham growing up and his experiences with the band. At the time Taylor spoke to the Hollywood reporter about the book and of how:

“The hardest topic for me to write about was the drug use, and how I was going to create a scene that [conveys a] sense of real desperation to show that I had reached a bottom.”

In talking about his experience in residential rehabilitation Taylor has spoken of how group therapy is key. In treatment facilities a core part for the rehabilitation programme is group therapy, there are numerous benefits as to why groups are used some of the benefits are :

  • Social Support- addiction isolates people, connecting meaningfully with others in group therapy and 12 step meetings is an important part of building your support network which is so crucial in recovery.
  • Insight- learning from other’s experiences of addiction and the mistakes they have made. Also allowing others to share their insight about your issues and being able to ask others for help.
  • Knowing you are not alone- being able to be understood by others who are also affected by the illness of addiction is a powerful and healing experience. Having the empathy and understanding of others is such a huge relief. You will also be challenged and supported by peers and the process of group therapy supports change.

If you would like to find out more about group therapy in residential rehabilitation programmes please call Addiction Helper, we would be happy to discuss the benefits of alcohol and drug rehab treatment and how group therapy supports on-going recovery.


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