Addiction help and advice for employees and employers

Addiction is a growing problem and is affecting more and more employers and employees. Without help, most people who have a problem with alcohol or drugs will only get worse, and often, their professional lives are one of the first to be impacted detrimentally.

Knowing that a work colleague or an employee has a problem with addiction is a difficult situation. But it’s a situation that needs to be – and can be – dealt with through addiction intervention. Addiction results in absenteeism, low productivity and workplace and industrial accidents. And just because an employee has an addiction, it doesn’t mean he or she isn’t valued or a friend. An intervention is an effective way to handle addiction in the workplace and is conducted discreetly and confidentially.

At Addiction Helper, we have a team of highly skilled, professional interventionists who can motivate the individual towards recovery and provide you with all the support you need – at home or in the workplace.

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