The Benefit of Early Intervention for Addiction

Anyone who has had an addiction or has lived with an addict will know how this illness can destroy a person’s life. An addiction can be so strong that the person suffering with it will put it above everything else in their life. Being addicted to something means having a strong compulsion for that particular substance or behaviour. It means being unable to control urges, even when the addiction is harmful. Drug and alcohol addictions can affect the person with the addiction as well as their families and friends. Other addictions such as gambling and sex addictions can be as equally devastating to all involved. However, in some instances, a person’s addiction can affect innocent strangers too.

Robbery and Assault

Take the case of Samantha Crane, a heroin addict who was going through withdrawal when she punched a motorist in the face while robbing him. The man had pulled over in his car on the Blackpool Promenade to make a phone call. When the call had finished, he was putting his phone on charge when Crane opened the passenger door and got into the car. The man tried to get her out of the car by pushing her but she reached for his phone and a struggle ensued.

When the man tried to stop Crane from leaving the car with his phone, she punched him in the face with a sugar dummy in her hand. The man’s glasses broke as a result of the blow and the broken sugar dummy hit him in the eye. He was left with a swollen eye and a bill of £180 for new glasses.

Jail Sentence

Crane admitted to robbery and assault and she was sentenced to two years and three months. She told of how she was trying to beat a heroin addiction and had taken another drug as a relief from the withdrawal symptoms. Her lawyer said that her drink and drug problem has been destroying her life for years and has wasted most of a life that has now culminated in a ‘lengthy custodial sentence’. However, he also said that she is now clean and wants to send a letter of apology to the victim.

Beating Addiction

Samantha Crane has learned too late how a drug addiction can destroy a life. Had she sought help for her addiction earlier, she may have avoided this prison sentence. Addiction can destroy a life but, in many instances, the addict either cannot or does not want to get help. Family support is vital for rehabilitation but there are cases when addiction is so strong that families are helpless and can only watch as their loved one sinks deeper and deeper into addiction.

Getting help in the early stages of addiction may allow an individual to beat their addiction. Nevertheless, many addicts will take themselves away from their families and will go out of their way to stay hidden so that they can continue with their addiction. In these instances, there is not much that a family can do.

Getting Early Help

If you suspect that someone you love has an addiction, then it is important to seek help as soon as possible. The earlier interventions happen and addiction is treated, the more chance there is that the individual will have a successful recovery. At Addiction Helper, we will do everything in our power to get your loved one the help he or she needs. We have a team of expert counsellors and therapists who are fully trained in addiction and who know all about the various treatment options available. Call us today for free, confidential advice.


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