How To Find The Right Rehab

Find The Right Rehab
If you or a loved one are considering attending a rehab for your drug or alcohol addiction, you may well feel overwhelmed by the vast choice available and the costs involved Private rehab often isn’t cheap, however if it is necessary, then you want to naturally make sure that you get the best rehabilitation package for your money.  When looking for an alcohol rehab center there are a number factors you should consider, simply picking the first one that comes up, can lead to disappointment and in not receiving the correct treatment for you or your loved one


It is important when looking for a rehab that you consider the location. Most individuals seeking rehabilitation automatically look for the rehab that is nearest thinking that this will be the most convenient for them to travel back and forth to.  The first thing to remember is that if you are residential then you will not need to travel, although you may wish to consider distance if you are planning on attending aftercare there. Remaining local to your home is not usually a good move, for a start it can be too easy for you to give up and go home when the going gets tough. There will be some emotionally tough days in rehab, so it is best that you have a realistic picture of what lays ahead. In your early vulnerable days it is important to listen to the staff and your peers and not react to your emotions that are likely to be greatly exaggerated. Choosing a rehab that puts some distance between where you will be going and your home carries other benefits also

  • You will be away from family and work related pressures and less likely to be tempted back into dealing with any outside problems
  • You will be away from your local drinking and/or using associates, providing you with a safer environment
  • You will be way from any local drug dealers. Again this provides you with a safer and more productive environment
  • You will benefit from an emotional detachment from your local surroundings. When out and about with the rehab you will not be worried about seeing or bumping into anyone that you know. Most rehabs will allow supervised visits to local shops and also attendance to 12 step meetings, so bare this in mind when you are booking
  • By not restricting yourself to the local area, you are automatically opening up your choice of rehab to attend.  This is extremely important as you will want to make sure that you get one that provides treatment for your addiction and associated problems  All rehabs are not the same, and they vary greatly in terms of treatments available and the price  So it is best to pick a rehab that can specifically tailor its treatment to fit your medical and psychological needs, rather than one that is convenient to get to.

The style of rehab

Rehabs vary greatly in terms of the the internal decor and the services that are offered. It is always wise to make sure that you can see pictures or a description of the facilities that are on offer as this may be something that is important in order for your to feel comfortable during your stay.  Some of the facilities that may be on offer are:

  •     Gym and swimming pool
  •     Own room with TV and ensuite
  •     Day excursions
  •     Chef available to cook all your meals
  •     Spa and massage facilities
  •     Dietitian or other health specialist
  •     Smaller client to counsellor ratio meaning more personal time with counselling staff and a quieter and more relaxed environment
  •     Whether the rehab accepts NHS referred clients


  • This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when looking at different rehabs, and perhaps the most confusing if you are not sure what treatment it is you need but some things to consider are:
  •  Length of program offered.  You will want to stay as long as possible for your budget to give yourself the best chance, so check any discounts that they may offer if you book a longer stay in advance.
  • If the treatment they offer is 12 step focused.  Some clients prefer this method, whilst others prefer do not.
  • What the treatment program is like, the rehab can usually give you an account of what their timetable of treatment consists of
  • If there is aftercare available
  • The type of supervision that will be in place.  Some rehabs are staffed 24/7 in house, whilst others have staff on call during the night shift.  This can make a difference if you or your loved one would prefer round the clock supervision and care on hand.
  • Do they offer an in-house detox as part of the treatment?  Not all rehabs have on site detox facilities and staff, which means you will need to detox before attending treatment there.


Price can be a major factor in where you attend rehab, if you are on a tight budget then you will be looking for a low end budget rehab.  The facilities are likely to be basic, but check that the standard of care still meets with the Care Quality Commission register.

  • The more you pay for your treatment, the higher the standard of facilities is likely to be
  • Paying more can mean more privacy, so if you would like your own room and ensuite this is something you will need to enquire about as sometimes this can cost extra.
  • On top of your treatment plan some rehabs offer special excursions, these are not always inclusive of the price
  • Aftercare can often cost extra but is an important part of your treatment and ongoing care
  • Often booking your full treatment in advance and paying upfront will cost less than deciding to extend once you’ve completed your initial time there, so consider this when booking

Ask for help

You are not expected to know everything about every single rehab in the UK or abroad and the chances are that you will feel confused and overwhelmed by the vast choice available. If your paying for private treatment you will want to feel confident and comfortable with the treatment that you book. The last thing you will need is the added stress of wondering if you have booked the right place. By calling Addiction Helper, we will take all the stress out of finding the right rehab for you.  We will also devise a tailor made treatment plan and find a rehab that is able to accommodate than within your budget. Our trained telephone counsellors will carry out a telephone assessment for free, from there they can advise on where the best place to go for your treatment is and the recommended term of treatment.  We can even set up aftercare and transport to and from the rehab for you. You are far more likely to get the kind of treatment that you want by speaking to us first.  Even if you decide not to proceed straight away you will be better placed to make a more informed decision.  We don’t want your experience to be stressful or negative in any way, which is exactly why we are here.

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